Friday, April 4, 2014

The happiness dissapeared....Sadness appeared AND....The woozworld life+nominees for some famous people!

Hey hey ! I'm Angeline(Angie) as you always know haha,You guys know the blog's music video,right?Omg I was just like OMG OMG OMG , when i saw in my editor it is gone!My work of art has gone , the pics,the effects,the after effects and anything has been just GONE,I didn't know what to do , and I was very very depressed,so i decided to write in here for that , guys and I'm very very sorry!Hopefully guys you aren't angry on me , because I was angry , very angry on myself when I saw anything in the blog ! D: ! But day my video,my screen and my amazing work for you , which I wanted to show you , guys will appear again and when it happens i will for sure show it ! Hope Shakira is not angry on me too (HAHA) , but anyways guys there is no way to be sad , because there will be many others blog works , for SURE!
My theme for today is the woozworld life , I decided to make anything different in this post,to change some things :P ! I just wanted to tell you some things or to say....ANYTHING about the ww life!
Woozworld as a game changed alot,it is not the same game like before,now I think anyone just wants fame and money and to be rich , I wonder how many candidatures for VIP friendz are there , how many bullies and drama appeared in Woozworld and anyways I can say you I made a few nominees of people who made drama much in Woozworld,kind people,rich people and etc.
Like....Glitz7 is nominated of any woozen and of me for sure xD - 'The drama queen' or 'the drama queeny'!
Latinlover00 I nominated for 'the Woozworld heartbreaker'!
HappyAPPIEspire-'the prank girl'
Demitra11-'the funniest person ever in Woozworld'
Nikki-Ashley-'kind and awesomeness'
And etc for sure xD!

Okay I think that is for now , hope you like peeps , because you are my awesomeness ! <3 <3 I ♥ you anyone.


-xoxo Angeline-'Free is not only your freedom,free is to be loved,the free things are not the things with no prize,they are in the air,lost in our hearts,and always standing there,but we don't even know that :)'

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