Friday, April 11, 2014

9,000+ Views! + Exlusive Azurium Outfit Review

Woah.. Thanks o.0 I few hours ago I was on the blog and we only had around 8,500 views, then I just came on and woah we have like 1,000 more! ;o Thanks to all our viewers since we work really hard to keep you updated with new stuffs. (xD I take any chance I can to use the word "stuffs" xD) Stuffs stuffs stuffs stuffs.. Try it, ok? It's fun LOL! So anyways... Oh yeah thanks for over 9,000 views!! :D Also, I know this isn't a very informative postso far, so I'm gonna do a short review of the new Azurium exclusive hair and dress!!

Name: Azurium Rebel
Review: A cute rebellion hair with an azurium flower in it. One side of the hair is behind the shoulder. I think this hair is SUPER CUTE, but it doesn't match alot of things I have :P.

Name: Azurium Dress
Review: A cute short dress with an azurium flower on one strap. It has a waistband, but otherwise is one plain color. This dress is cute, but honestly isn't my style.. Plus is looks quite a bit like the candy dress...

Full Outfit:
Name: Exclusive Azurium Collection
Review: The outfit all together is really cute. Personally it isn't my style, but if you like flowers and frills then it will suit you perfectly!
Model: Me

xoxo ~Cel



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