Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sneak Peak At New Outfits & Review!

Hey guys, it's me Celia :). Did anyone happen to make it to the Event of the Year? If not, I am here to show you the sneak peak of next week's outfits that MyaWooz modeled at the event!
1st up, the girls outfits:
Though some of the items may be edited from old clothing, I still like the girls outfits a lot. 
Girl Outfits Review:
Outfit #1: My favorite part of this outfit is the shoes. Even though you can't fully see them in this picture (it got cut off, sorry) they are actually cute. I also like the hair, but I wish it was just a beanie and not a scarf thing. The coat looks like one already on Woozworld, and the pants are boring.. Overall rate: 6/10
Outfit #2: I LOVE this outfit! :o The hair is really cute, and I love the edition of the beanie hat, the long sweater is adorable (even though it sort of looks like the Spencie sweater..), the polka dot pants are an awesome contrast to the outfit, and the shoes are cute too. Overall rate: 10/10
Outfit #3: My favorite part of this outfit is the shirt. I love the cute sweater tucked into the skirt and it makes it look sort of hipster, and the infinity scarf is super cute. The skirt just looks like the HeartEva skirt with leggings though.. :/ The shoes are okay and they actually look pretty nice. Now for the hair-  I honestly wish the hair didn't have bangs, then it would have been much cuter in my opinion.. :P Still, the outfit is nice. Overall rate: 8/10

Sadly, May did not model the boys outfits xD But I do have a picture of one of them that Crystal Wooz posted on Facebook (Oh btw, you can add me on Fb @ Celia Wooz
Boy Outfit Review:
Even though the boys outfit looks sort of recycled (old/edited), I think it is still cute.I like the hair the most, since I love beanie hats xD. The sweater with the vest is also cute too. I don't like the pants though, and the shoes are just.. VELCRO, REALLY?! XD. Overall Rate: 8/10
That's all for now! :D
I hope this post was helpful/interesting, you can rate it below '.'
Merry 'Woozmas' season xD.

Future Items In Woozworld?

Hey guys, it's me Celia! :o Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have been busy and I'm currently working on the new design and theme for the blog (coming soon). :D!
Anyway, today I am posting another exclusive post about future things in Woozworld. The exclusive pictures I have today are sort of.. weird.. though, and I think it may have something to do with IGWA, which I told you about in an earlier post. If you haven't read about it yet, search it in the blog search bar :P. I'm not sure if it does have to do anything with it though, because it is quite odd, and looks sort of monstrous or poisonous?. Take a look:
See what I mean? The 1st picture looks like some sort of evil villain or monster, and the 2nd picture looks like a poisonous weight lift thing xD. I am honestly not sure what this is, what do YOU think?
Sadly, that's all for today..
There hasn't really been anything to post about, except the current events in Woozworld, and I think that it is un-needed to post about that since you can read about it in the Woozworld Blog..
-New Signoff- I hope you like it :o

Thursday, November 13, 2014

How to Design Woozworld-Hair... Again... '-'

Hey guys! It's me Celia xD... Sorry I haven't posted, I've been collecting fanz c: What place are you in? I think I'm like 104 or something ;I... Anyway.. I am back with another how to design hair tutorial.. Yeah, as you can see, I like to design hair. c:

Step 1:
Prepare a template.
Step 2:
Draw the hair.
Step 3:
Add the main color of the hair and the dark shading.
Step 4:
Do the same thing to the top of the hair and add highlights.
Step 5:
Blend... '-'
Step 6:
Add accessories and finish any last details or blending. :D Then walah! Ur done! (And yes I know it is voila, the term for "there it is" in French.. But "walah" is funner to say xD.

I hope this was useful.. '-' 
Sorry about my weirdness, I am just really tired right now and tomorrow I have an algebra test u.u... So goodnight/good morning/good day or whatever it is for you! :D 

Monday, November 3, 2014



Sunday, November 2, 2014

How to Design Woozworld Hair DIY #3

Hey guys, it's me Celia! So today I am doing a tutorial on how to design your own hair for Woozworld! :D In my other 2 tutorials on this I did it differently, so I decided to do another tutorial :D So yeah.. Hope this helps!

1. Make the  Basic Outline
The very 1st thing I did was draw the basic outline of the hair. At this stage I haven't added any details or shading yet, just the main color. You can take the bow off of another hair or make your own.
2. Add Shadows and Basic Details
The next step I did was to add more details and shadows. So pretty much I just added those little curl things, and put shadows in the darker parts of the hair. 
3. More Shading/Highlights
For this step I added more shadows and highlights on the hair. This help give it more depth and make it look more shiny :D
4. More Highlights & Shadows
Adding more highlights to the hair make it look softer and shinier, and adding shadows gives it more depth and shape. You can put the highlights in the lighter part of the hair and the shadows in the darker part. If you look at the eyes, the highlight is on the left so you need to apply that to the hair also.
5. Darken (OPTIONAL)
If you want to, you can darken the hair, but that is completely optional. I'm actually not sure whether I like the darker or lighter version of my design.. So what do you think? xD

6. That's it, done! 
Now I am done :D. These steps were pretty basic, there was a lot of individual details in between but I didn't want to drag the post on, and I don't have pictures of everything. Make sure to sign you final work :D! 
I hope this helped! Sorry the woozen doesn't have any clothes on, I haven't designed the outfit yet. If you have any ideas, comment in the chat box or below! Also, which version of my design do you like better, the dark or light one? Thanks for reading, bye!