Sunday, November 2, 2014

How to Design Woozworld Hair DIY #3

Hey guys, it's me Celia! So today I am doing a tutorial on how to design your own hair for Woozworld! :D In my other 2 tutorials on this I did it differently, so I decided to do another tutorial :D So yeah.. Hope this helps!

1. Make the  Basic Outline
The very 1st thing I did was draw the basic outline of the hair. At this stage I haven't added any details or shading yet, just the main color. You can take the bow off of another hair or make your own.
2. Add Shadows and Basic Details
The next step I did was to add more details and shadows. So pretty much I just added those little curl things, and put shadows in the darker parts of the hair. 
3. More Shading/Highlights
For this step I added more shadows and highlights on the hair. This help give it more depth and make it look more shiny :D
4. More Highlights & Shadows
Adding more highlights to the hair make it look softer and shinier, and adding shadows gives it more depth and shape. You can put the highlights in the lighter part of the hair and the shadows in the darker part. If you look at the eyes, the highlight is on the left so you need to apply that to the hair also.
5. Darken (OPTIONAL)
If you want to, you can darken the hair, but that is completely optional. I'm actually not sure whether I like the darker or lighter version of my design.. So what do you think? xD

6. That's it, done! 
Now I am done :D. These steps were pretty basic, there was a lot of individual details in between but I didn't want to drag the post on, and I don't have pictures of everything. Make sure to sign you final work :D! 
I hope this helped! Sorry the woozen doesn't have any clothes on, I haven't designed the outfit yet. If you have any ideas, comment in the chat box or below! Also, which version of my design do you like better, the dark or light one? Thanks for reading, bye!

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