Thursday, November 13, 2014

How to Design Woozworld-Hair... Again... '-'

Hey guys! It's me Celia xD... Sorry I haven't posted, I've been collecting fanz c: What place are you in? I think I'm like 104 or something ;I... Anyway.. I am back with another how to design hair tutorial.. Yeah, as you can see, I like to design hair. c:

Step 1:
Prepare a template.
Step 2:
Draw the hair.
Step 3:
Add the main color of the hair and the dark shading.
Step 4:
Do the same thing to the top of the hair and add highlights.
Step 5:
Blend... '-'
Step 6:
Add accessories and finish any last details or blending. :D Then walah! Ur done! (And yes I know it is voila, the term for "there it is" in French.. But "walah" is funner to say xD.

I hope this was useful.. '-' 
Sorry about my weirdness, I am just really tired right now and tomorrow I have an algebra test u.u... So goodnight/good morning/good day or whatever it is for you! :D 

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