Thursday, February 26, 2015

#ZeChicuary26 Clothing Ratings!

I ABSOLUTELY KINDA LIKE AND DESPISE the ZeChicuary26 clothing! They are nice, UNinspired, and outgoingly....prudent.

I'm going to rate them right now. (WARNING: I AM A VERY HARSH RATER)

Here they are:
rating: 2/10
reason: Looks like another clothing released in the past.

rating: 5/10
reason: unoriginal look, similar to Heart Sweater

rating: -1/10
reason: It's hideous. 0-0

rating: 6/10
reason: the hat is poorly designed

I told ya. xD

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do. And did you see the new outfits released in Store? :O


#Fashionwithvic Outfit Review

Hello there woozens ! Its me Lolhivic here , Today im going to be reviewing the Lil' Braid Riding Hood  outfit , and the Damsel in Dis Dress . Before i start i just wanted to say im sorry i haven't been posting in a while , I have tests in school.. So yeah im gonna be posting more often  I promise!! So lets get started!
First outfit: Lil' Braid Riding Hood

So this is our  
Lil' Braid Riding Hood outfit ,
Hair: I love this hair ! I love the curls and the hoodie , It just looks really nice.
Rate for hair: 9/10
Dress / top : I really love it honestly it just looks really cozy , and the little bow just makes it look so much cuter!
Rate: 10/10
( Cant see Legs and Shoes )
Overal :  Overal: found that this outfit represents  little riding hood and I think woozworld did an amazing job making this outfit!  Rate : 9/10

Next outfit : Damsel in Dis Dress

So this is our Damsel in Dis Dress
Hair : The hair is pretty, however I think it reminds me of another hair that woozworld created...The hair does use the red color that snow white wears though , which is really cool.
Hair rate :  7/10
Dress:  The dress is pretty with the straps a bit off the shoulder and I love how it is simple, yet is so pretty!!
Dress Rate : 9/10
(Cant see legs or shoes) 
Overal : This outfit really reminds me of snow white .  its honestly really cool , and the outfit looks really realistic to the actual Snow White. Overal rate : 8/10 
So i hoped you enjoyed this blog , Thank you for reading! There will be more soon.
                                Time for the Quote Of The Day!
Thats all for now!
Byee xoxo Vic

Sunday, February 22, 2015

#Fashionwithvic Cute rare outfits!!

Hello everybody , Its me Lolhivic back here with another blog !! So today im gonna be talking about some cute outfits for girls and this is gonna be a rare edition . Please note i had permision from all of the models to use their outfits. Lets just hop right into it shall we?
Our first model is XjammeyXxx
She is wearing :
Comfymas Hair (Preztige level 1 )
Cutie and makeup ( Preztige level 30 )
Galaxy Tshirt (Preztige level 50 )
Wns pop shorts ( Preztige level 1 )
Funny Kicks ( Preztige level 1 )
Overal : This outfit is a really cute and comfy outfit that you can loundge around in which i love
Thank you XjammeyXxx for letting me blog your flawless outfit ! xx

Our  next model is totalfashiongal
She is wearing :
Evalis ( Preztige level 1 )
Bowmas Sweater ( Preztige level 1 )
Wns pop shorts ( Preztige level 1 )
Spop boots ( Preztige level 1 )
Overal : This outfit reminded me of a soft wintery girl look , I dont know how to describe it , It looks beautiful and casual, and this outfit is for our rare girls haha.
Thank you totalfashiongal for letting me blog your gorgeous outfit! xx

Our final model did not want her username included for privacy reasons
She is wearing :
Ms. Romance Glam ( Preztige level  1 )
Cutie and makeup ( Preztige level 30 )
Gravediggers hoodie ( Preztige level 1 )
Dolloween shorts ( Preztige level 1 )
And lastly Sandals with tatoo ( Preztige level 10 )
Overal : This outfit is really cool . It is pretty creative which i really like about it , The colors are unique and i feel like its  a spooky feel with the shirt and the pants but it still would look like a normal woozen to wear .
Thank you woozen for letting me blog your stylish outfit

I hoped you enjoyed my blog today , and there will be more out soon . If you want a blog with cute boy outfits let me know down in the comments or just message me on woozworld , Im lolhivic . 
                                                       Its time for the Quote Of The Day!
Thats all for now !
Byeee xoxo Vic

Thursday, February 19, 2015


Why hello there woozens ! Im sorry you havent heard from me in a while , I have been busy. Anyway today im going to be talking a bit about the Framez! I thought this was a really cool feature to display maybe your favorite photo , Or it can come inportant to keep important data , For example proof of something a person said , I dont really know , But Framez to me are quite handy !!
FrameZ are a special kind of furniture that allows you to show off a photo from your Albumz. Once you’ve purchased your FrameZ from Shopz, place it in your Unitz on a wall. From there, you will be able to click on it, select one of your Albumz, and choose a picture to display.
Your picture stays in the FrameZ until you decide to switch it out or remove it. You can sell or trade your FrameZ, and your picture will remain inside it. But remember, you can only add photos that are in your own Albumz. If you remove a picture from a FrameZ that you received through trade or purchase, you won’t be able to re-add it.
Here are the different types of Framez.
This is our Bae Framez , Lol i liked the name of this , This Framez really shows off your bae and you :P If i had this and i had a bae which i dont ( my ww life sucks ) i would take a picture together and put it in this Framez! The cost of this Framez is 180 Wooz , But if you don't have 180 Wooz the gift prefrence is optional.
 So this is our Valentines Framez , Its pretty cute overal , It has some cute hearts as the border , Which if you add a photo in it , It will add a cute effect to it !!
The cost of the Framez is 180  wooz , But as i stated earlier the gift prefrence is optional!!
This is our Rectangle Framez . I honestly quite like this one , It has a classic standard border which is perfect for any picture , Its not very detailed but its simple which i love about it . It costs 150 wooz , And the gift prefrence is optional!

So thats all for today ! Its time for the quote of the day!

Byee guys 
xoxo Victoria

Monday, February 16, 2015

JENNY WOOZ IS DEAD!?!?! - Woozworld's New Sleeping Beauty

Hey guys! It's me Celia and today I am going to be talking about the new Woozworld dilemma in the Woozworld Plaza that has everyone going crazy! Is our beloved Jenny Wooz DEAD?!
The answer to that is a plain and simple no. Jenny Wooz is in fact not dead, but sleeping. It occurs to me that there is a new sleeping beauty in Woozworld.

If you don't remember, a few months ago, on Jenny's birthday, Max and Jenny broke up/ got divorced. Jenny has since been heartbroken because she doesn't know why Max ended their relationship and didn't even come to her birthday party! Apparently he started a cactus farm, but honestly there is more to it than that. It may just have to do something with an evil queen, ZEENA WOOZ! Zeena probably wanted to be on the Woozband and have Max, so she had to get rid of Jenny!!!!!
My conspiracy theory is that Zeena casted a spell upon Jenny, putting her into a deep sleep. It is up to Jenny's true love to awaken her with a true love's kiss. It may just be that Max Wooz is Jenny's true love, but some woozens are even saying it could be Zack Wooz!!!! I don't think so, though...

What do YOU think about Woozworld's next upcoming drama?
Will Jenny be saved by her one true love, or will she forever stay in her deep slumber?
That's all for today, bye!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

#Fashionwithvic Cute outfits!!!

Why hello everyone ! Its me lolhivic here and today im doing a fashion blog ! Im sorry i havent posted lately i had school , but anyway lets just hop into the blog , Im going to be showing you three outfits that i thought were really cute , Maybe you guys can get a little inspiration from them , Anyway please note that i had permission from these wonderful woozens to show their outfits ! Lets get started
Our first outfit is brought to you by our gorgeous model -JasmineGomez- 
She is wearing:
A really nice dark brown Emilous hair ( Preztige level 30 )
The cutie and makeup face ( Preztige level 30 )
A Tribal T- shirt (Preztige level 50 )
Some Classic MiniShorts ( Preztige level 30 )
And Old Slippers ( Preztige level 10)

Thank you -JasmineGomez- for letting me blog your outfit C:

Our next stunning model is TotalGirlubu !! 
She is wearing:
Wns ponytail ( Preztige level 1 )
(No face )
A kattitude dress (Preztige level 1 )
( Cant see shorts)
And some Moo slipper ( Preztige level 1 )

       Thank you TotalGirlubu for letting me blog your outfit :D

Our last fabulous model is samathawoog  !!
She is wearing 
BowTEA Hair (Preztige level 1) 
Kitty Sweater ( Preztige level 20 )
Wns Pop Shorts ( Preztige Level 1 )
Leopard Sneakers ( Preztige level 20 )

Thank you samathawoog For letting me blog your outfit xD

                                                                               Quote of the day is....

Thats all for now!
Bye xoxo Vic

WoozWorld HACKER? :O

So hey peeps! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. xD

So today in SOTW unitz (Trying to compete, waited in the FREAKING queue for 10 HOURS), a person named RoseMama is doing unlimited spellz. It is ANNOYING.

RoseMama doing the same spellz for hours and hours.

It makes us extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemely laggy.

And we keep disconnecting.

Wait until MyaWooz comes on.......


Saturday, February 14, 2015

♥Happy Valentine's Day!♥

Hey guys! It's me Celia and today's post is all about Valentine's Day! Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!!! I hope you have enjoyed your day so far, if it is with a special someone, your family, or just you and your box of chocolates xD! What is your guy's favorite part about this lovely holiday? ;) My favorite thing about Valentine's Day is the candy... :D 

Moving on, I made a special video for Valentine's Day!!!!!! :D You can CLICK HERE TO WATCH MY VALENTINE'S VIDEO!!!!!

Other than that.. I don't really have anything else to say in this post.. :/
I hope you have a WONDERFUL
Valentine's Day!
If you enjoy my video, remember to comment, like, and subscribe! :D Thanks for reading...

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The new Chat System

Whale hello everyone !! Its me Lolhivic here , today im going to be talking about the chat system on woozworld , I know im really late talking about this , im sure you all know about this xD , But anyway lets just hop right into it shall we? :D

So this is our chat system , At first i started off with the Limited Chat Bar xD im a naughty girl , Just kidding :P , I guess Woozworld hates me haha , Anyway let me talk a bit about this,All Woozens start out with the ability to say most words. After you’ve played well for a while, you gain the system’s trust and are able to use more and more words. The more good words you use, the more trust you earn to speak freely. However, if you behave inappropriately in Woozworld, you may lose chat privileges and be stuck with a more limited vocabulary. But really i thought it was unfair at first but then i realized its more safer for kids.  Woozens should be able to speek freely like before , But however , there may be younger kids playing this , and other woozens might know how to say those ' Bad Words' In a certain way that woozworld doesnt block it , So it is pretty safe for kids now that they did this, So if your aganst this its ok , But Woozworld is doing this for safety :) .

So thats all for now !
Thank you for reading!
Byee xoxo Vic!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

#FashionWithVic Valentines Day Clothing ❤

Whats up guys ? :3 It is almost Valentines Day, so I thought it would be a great time to show some new Valentine's outfits!! These are a few outfits that will get you into the Valentine's Day spirit, even if you are forever alone for Valentines Day xD  Let's not waste anymore time and get right into it ! :D
All of the stuff in the Valentines section is shop is perfect for Valentines day ! And this is an example of one of them , This dress called the Angel Of Love Tunic is stunning and I am in love with it xD I love the wing feature, and it just looks awesome together with the fab sparkly dress.
It also features Guy Tommys which are my shoes. They are a gorgeous purple like my dress, and I just have a blonde archery side braid. 
Now we are talking xD , This is a beautiful and casual outfit for girls . The hair is a blonde Cloe's In The Wild Bratz Hair, And the top is a Zechic heart sweater which is one of my favorite shirts altogether in woozworld haha c:: ,  I matched it with a cute pink Romantal Bridal skirt, A must have , And these flawless pink Sweet Saverz Heels.

Thats all for now ,
 Bye guys xoxo vic

Blog Updates! ❤

Hey guys! It's me Celia, and today I'm just back to tell you about some new updates I've made for Woozapalooza! :D

So, obviously there is a new design for the month of February and for Valentine's Day. I originally made the header just casual and not holiday themed, but then I edited it to make it have more color and match the flowery background. I really hope you like the new design and theme xD Comment below or in the shout box what you think of it!

The next "update" is the hiring of new bloggers xD. I recently hired 4 new bloggers, and they have been great so far :)!

The final update I have made so far is a new logo for Woozapalooza! Many of you probably don't even know what the old one looked like, so you can visit the "Edits" section of the blog to see the old one. But today I'll show you the new one! :D
It looks pretty similar to the last one, but it also looks much better in my opinion since the font now matches the Woozworld logo. Also, I took the third person off of it because he no longer is a member of this blog, even though he was an original blogger (sorry!) I also changed the favicon to this c:.

Anyway, that's all for today,
sorry it wasn't about Woozworld.. xD
Cya next time! Bye!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

New trial blogger~

Hello, Woozens of Woozapalooza!

My name is TynonClaire.
You've probably encountered me blogging at 4 other blogs. XD I'm a busy Woozen.

Facts about me:
1.) I originally played WoozWorld for 5 years. Lost my account.
2.) I have a light lavender-light-blueish-purplish color code.
3.) My favorite colors are black and red.
4.) I blog at: WoozWorld Awesomeness, Deadline ReWritten, WoozWorld Disbelief (owned by ME! :D), and WoozWorld Pleasure. (And now Woozapalooza too)
5.) Selma is the best movie of all time.
6.) My editing skills are wak-bad.
7.) I'm starting 2 WoozWorld Series: "Experiment One", and "TynonClaire's Truths and Dares"(inspired by Dare Demi!).
8.) I love giving advice.
9.) I'm all over the place. :/
10.) Um....I don't know...I LIKE HIP HOP AND RAP. They are BAE.

Those are 10 facts about me! ;D

Thanks for reading, and keep watching for more of my posts!


The new outfits !

Hi guys ! Its me Lolhivic! Today im going to be showing you the cute new outfits! 

So this is the first one : Juliet

Dont you guys think its beautiful? I love the detail woozworld put into the hair. For some reason the hair reminded me of a Ms. Romance Hair and a WNS Ponytail combined... Maybe its just me xD.  And the dress to die for. It's casual, and has sparkles ! A girls dream haha c: ! 

The next outfit is : Isolde
Personally, this outfit isn't my favorite... I felt like Woozworld should have been a bit more creative with the hair instead of just  really weird bumped and parted hair. I'm really not a fan of this hair, but the dress on the other hand is stunning! I love the ombre design!

That's all for now, 
Xoxo ~ Vic

My First Blog ! :D

Hey guys, it's me lolhivic! It's my first day here in Woozapalooza! ;D I'm so glad to be here as a new blogger !!
So today im gonna tell you guys a bit about me. :)
1. My username is lolhivic. It came from because I say lol way to much xD And I say hi xD ... dont ask ;P

2. My fave color is Blue / purple

3. I have been playing Woozworld for about a year now ;D

4. I play many other games besides Woozworld.For example: Weeworld, Club Penguin, Transformice, Fantage, Animaljam , Moviestarplanet USA, and more! :D

5. I dont just always play the computer xD. Surprise surprise, I actually do art and sports, like swimming,tennis, and basketball :P 
So I hope you enjoyed this blog/post :D. I'm so excited to be here, and I will be posting more! Fashion posts and more is coming up soon!
 Byee guys!! xoxo Vic

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Are You Naughty or Nice? Woozworld Updates!

Hey guys! It's me Celia and today I am here to talk about some new updates in Woozworld revolving around being naughty or nice. One thing though.. Isn't the word naughty kind of funny? hehe
Anyway, lets get back on topic. Woozworld was recently updated, and there were quite a few changes. I don't want to make this post about all of them, but I will list off the ones I know of: 
Zoom in bar, new click in win (free wooz), new chat bar/ filter method, new items are transferable, certain items are not transferable anymore. 
So those are the updates I realized... But there is one more thing. THE ZOMBIES ARE BACKKK! Now, if you weren't a member of Woozworld back in October, then you probably don't know what I'm talking about. Most of you probably do though, I am talking about zombeardtosis, a Woozworld disease that some believe was based off of ebola -.-. Well, zombeardtosis may not be back, but something quite similar to it is.. Woozworld is calling it a, "Grey cloud of hatred". What is does is basically turns your woozen into some ugly, dull person and it makes your woozen colorless except for the eyes. Take a look:
This is what my woozen looks like before and after the cloud of hatred hit Woozworld. See what I meant when I said dull and ugly? It actually wouldn't be that bad if it weren't for the face... Ick!!
There are a few ways to cure your "hatred" and gain more "love", though. You can either buy Ms. Mirage's Secret from the Woozworld Store or complete the Objectivz

Now, onto the next part of this post! THE NEW FILTER METHOD?! If you haven't read the Woozworld blog yet, you might be thinking we can say whatever we want on Woozworld, aka no filter. But, sorry to say, that isn't the case . Woozworld has made it to where we have levels of trust, and trusted players chat more freely. Green is the most trusted level, yellow equals a normal level of trust, and red is an untrusted player. Each woozen has started out on the green level, and if you say mean, rude, or bad words on Woozworld, then your trust-level will go down. I tested the filter out on my backup account and got suspended for 6 hours after I kept saying bad things after I hit red. 
I warn you to be nice and keep a green level! Once you are known as very trusted, you will be able to say more things! This is how you will know how trusted you are:

I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully it helped!... 
xoxo~ CelieLove37 (Celia) 
P.S. Visit my Youtube channel to watch my latest videos! 

Woozworld has done it again

Hi every one this is Allyelectric here and I just wanted to say the zombies are back.  This time they have made it so where when you turn into the mad character. The people who buy the heart will be safe and can change you back. I do not understand why they did it but I think that it's because they just wanted to show the love to a whole bunch of people since Valentines Day is coming up really soon. 

That is all I have for today Until next time this is allyelectric coming at you with todays latest gossip.