Thursday, February 19, 2015


Why hello there woozens ! Im sorry you havent heard from me in a while , I have been busy. Anyway today im going to be talking a bit about the Framez! I thought this was a really cool feature to display maybe your favorite photo , Or it can come inportant to keep important data , For example proof of something a person said , I dont really know , But Framez to me are quite handy !!
FrameZ are a special kind of furniture that allows you to show off a photo from your Albumz. Once you’ve purchased your FrameZ from Shopz, place it in your Unitz on a wall. From there, you will be able to click on it, select one of your Albumz, and choose a picture to display.
Your picture stays in the FrameZ until you decide to switch it out or remove it. You can sell or trade your FrameZ, and your picture will remain inside it. But remember, you can only add photos that are in your own Albumz. If you remove a picture from a FrameZ that you received through trade or purchase, you won’t be able to re-add it.
Here are the different types of Framez.
This is our Bae Framez , Lol i liked the name of this , This Framez really shows off your bae and you :P If i had this and i had a bae which i dont ( my ww life sucks ) i would take a picture together and put it in this Framez! The cost of this Framez is 180 Wooz , But if you don't have 180 Wooz the gift prefrence is optional.
 So this is our Valentines Framez , Its pretty cute overal , It has some cute hearts as the border , Which if you add a photo in it , It will add a cute effect to it !!
The cost of the Framez is 180  wooz , But as i stated earlier the gift prefrence is optional!!
This is our Rectangle Framez . I honestly quite like this one , It has a classic standard border which is perfect for any picture , Its not very detailed but its simple which i love about it . It costs 150 wooz , And the gift prefrence is optional!

So thats all for today ! Its time for the quote of the day!

Byee guys 
xoxo Victoria

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