Thursday, February 26, 2015

#Fashionwithvic Outfit Review

Hello there woozens ! Its me Lolhivic here , Today im going to be reviewing the Lil' Braid Riding Hood  outfit , and the Damsel in Dis Dress . Before i start i just wanted to say im sorry i haven't been posting in a while , I have tests in school.. So yeah im gonna be posting more often  I promise!! So lets get started!
First outfit: Lil' Braid Riding Hood

So this is our  
Lil' Braid Riding Hood outfit ,
Hair: I love this hair ! I love the curls and the hoodie , It just looks really nice.
Rate for hair: 9/10
Dress / top : I really love it honestly it just looks really cozy , and the little bow just makes it look so much cuter!
Rate: 10/10
( Cant see Legs and Shoes )
Overal :  Overal: found that this outfit represents  little riding hood and I think woozworld did an amazing job making this outfit!  Rate : 9/10

Next outfit : Damsel in Dis Dress

So this is our Damsel in Dis Dress
Hair : The hair is pretty, however I think it reminds me of another hair that woozworld created...The hair does use the red color that snow white wears though , which is really cool.
Hair rate :  7/10
Dress:  The dress is pretty with the straps a bit off the shoulder and I love how it is simple, yet is so pretty!!
Dress Rate : 9/10
(Cant see legs or shoes) 
Overal : This outfit really reminds me of snow white .  its honestly really cool , and the outfit looks really realistic to the actual Snow White. Overal rate : 8/10 
So i hoped you enjoyed this blog , Thank you for reading! There will be more soon.
                                Time for the Quote Of The Day!
Thats all for now!
Byee xoxo Vic

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