Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The new Chat System

Whale hello everyone !! Its me Lolhivic here , today im going to be talking about the chat system on woozworld , I know im really late talking about this , im sure you all know about this xD , But anyway lets just hop right into it shall we? :D

So this is our chat system , At first i started off with the Limited Chat Bar xD im a naughty girl , Just kidding :P , I guess Woozworld hates me haha , Anyway let me talk a bit about this,All Woozens start out with the ability to say most words. After you’ve played well for a while, you gain the system’s trust and are able to use more and more words. The more good words you use, the more trust you earn to speak freely. However, if you behave inappropriately in Woozworld, you may lose chat privileges and be stuck with a more limited vocabulary. But really i thought it was unfair at first but then i realized its more safer for kids.  Woozens should be able to speek freely like before , But however , there may be younger kids playing this , and other woozens might know how to say those ' Bad Words' In a certain way that woozworld doesnt block it , So it is pretty safe for kids now that they did this, So if your aganst this its ok , But Woozworld is doing this for safety :) .

So thats all for now !
Thank you for reading!
Byee xoxo Vic!

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