Sunday, February 15, 2015

#Fashionwithvic Cute outfits!!!

Why hello everyone ! Its me lolhivic here and today im doing a fashion blog ! Im sorry i havent posted lately i had school , but anyway lets just hop into the blog , Im going to be showing you three outfits that i thought were really cute , Maybe you guys can get a little inspiration from them , Anyway please note that i had permission from these wonderful woozens to show their outfits ! Lets get started
Our first outfit is brought to you by our gorgeous model -JasmineGomez- 
She is wearing:
A really nice dark brown Emilous hair ( Preztige level 30 )
The cutie and makeup face ( Preztige level 30 )
A Tribal T- shirt (Preztige level 50 )
Some Classic MiniShorts ( Preztige level 30 )
And Old Slippers ( Preztige level 10)

Thank you -JasmineGomez- for letting me blog your outfit C:

Our next stunning model is TotalGirlubu !! 
She is wearing:
Wns ponytail ( Preztige level 1 )
(No face )
A kattitude dress (Preztige level 1 )
( Cant see shorts)
And some Moo slipper ( Preztige level 1 )

       Thank you TotalGirlubu for letting me blog your outfit :D

Our last fabulous model is samathawoog  !!
She is wearing 
BowTEA Hair (Preztige level 1) 
Kitty Sweater ( Preztige level 20 )
Wns Pop Shorts ( Preztige Level 1 )
Leopard Sneakers ( Preztige level 20 )

Thank you samathawoog For letting me blog your outfit xD

                                                                               Quote of the day is....

Thats all for now!
Bye xoxo Vic

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