Saturday, February 7, 2015

My First Blog ! :D

Hey guys, it's me lolhivic! It's my first day here in Woozapalooza! ;D I'm so glad to be here as a new blogger !!
So today im gonna tell you guys a bit about me. :)
1. My username is lolhivic. It came from because I say lol way to much xD And I say hi xD ... dont ask ;P

2. My fave color is Blue / purple

3. I have been playing Woozworld for about a year now ;D

4. I play many other games besides Woozworld.For example: Weeworld, Club Penguin, Transformice, Fantage, Animaljam , Moviestarplanet USA, and more! :D

5. I dont just always play the computer xD. Surprise surprise, I actually do art and sports, like swimming,tennis, and basketball :P 
So I hope you enjoyed this blog/post :D. I'm so excited to be here, and I will be posting more! Fashion posts and more is coming up soon!
 Byee guys!! xoxo Vic

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