Sunday, April 13, 2014

Woozapalooza Easter Maze Event Details! + Note From Woozapalooza + Edited Woozens

Woozapalooza Easter Maze:

When: Saturday, April 19, 4:00 WoozTime

Where: CelieLove37's unitz: Wooz a pa looz a Easter Maze

What: An Easter maze to celebrate 1) Easter, 2) 10,000+ views. The questions will be based on the holiday Easter, and there will be a special gift as a prize. Afterwards there will be an after party to hang out with the members, friends, and to have fun. At the party, if you pc CelieLove37 the special code from the blog, you will receive an extra special prize.

Code: Bananas!

We hope to see you there! It will be tons of fun with games, prizes, and more! ;D Thanks!

A note from Woozapalooza:
Please stop impersonating bloggers on the shoutbox. We can delete any mean shouts and impersonations you make. If you don't like this blog then keep your opinion to yourself. Thank you. 
                                                                    The Woozapalooza Team  

Also, I made some cool woozen edits :D I wanna make them into a sign-off but I need some ideas c: Check these edits out though :D

Sorry in this pic it's a little dark. But what do you think? I made new poses for them! :D

I hope you can make it to the event! :D
It is gonna be hosted by me (CelieLove37).
I can't wait ;o.. Byeee! :D
xoxo~ Cel


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