Friday, April 11, 2014

New BIO Feature In Woozworld?

;o!!! Yesterday I was wondering how people were getting this super adorable hair and dress with an azurium flower in it! So I did my research, and a new feature has been added in Woozworld to help Eva and FIl save their dad! So if you go to the azurium garden unitz and click the chest it gives you a patch of soil to plant your own azurium flower. Then you have to buy a seed from shopz for like 25 wooz. Also you must buy water for 1 wooz and optionally fertilizer if you want to harvest it quickly.. When the flower finishing growing, you get an exclusive dress, and when you harvest another you get the hair! Honestly, the hair is adorable. It's pretty much a rebel with a flower in in and one side behind the shoulder. The dress is like the candy dress with a flower and no stripes. They are copies of other items but still cute, right? Below is a diagram of how to grow your own azurium to help Fil and Eva's dad, and get your own azurium style!
Follow these steps provided by Woozworld!! :D

That's the hair and dress c:

Byee! Hope this helps c:
xoxo ~


  1. It looks nothing like candy dress.. I think you mean rocker dress because candy dress has no straps so like..

  2. +Sam Skid Yea, it's rocker dress c';

  3. Yea.. Rocker dress... Woozworld It's copying the old dresses, hairs, skirts/pants etc. and change a little bit...