Friday, May 16, 2014

Woozworld is getting more hacked everywhere

Hey anyone,your favourite writer here ( i guess Angeline) lol!
I'm here to show you the latest news about Woozworld,like the hacked Woozworld which i call Hackworld!
Anything is hacked,you can buy fashionista hair,pixel bow bun hair,ms romance things,the new oufit and even styllish ballerina hair(in ugly colors)!
Anything now in this game is hacked and tbh i hate it ,because now we live in a world which anything can be got by the easy way which is very bad!
Idk what will happen to Hackworld (Woozworld) and the new CEO .
I have forecast which is showing that it will dissapear in very very early.
So guys be aware of any hackers or hacked stuff and if something can not be deleted ,means it's hacked !
If you want to buy hacked things you need to : aware
2.NEVER wear them
3.NEVER go to full unitz
4.NEVER go to Woozen quests
5.NEVER go to empty unitz
6.TRANSFER the stuff to poor accounts as early and possible as you can or else you will loose anything or will get banned!

And remember ,beware of anything BAD in Woozworld,or else you'll get part of banning story LOOL!

Bye now

-xoxo Angeline('The real life never allows you to be yourself,it teaches you to watch others,their mistakes,and fell into your own trap')

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