Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Message to Our Viewers! :D

   Hello fans/viewers! This is a service announcement from the Woozapalooza Crew. We have come to conclude that Woozapalooza has reached 15,000+ views! This is a huge accomplishment for us, especially Nekole and CelieLove37, the founders of Woozapalooza. This blog has grown immensely over the span of only a few months, and we hope to keep expanding.
   Sadly, these past few weeks for us has been going downhill. In the month of April, views sky-rocketed, but the month of May has so far not been a good one for Woozapalooza. To change this around, we would like to add 4 new bloggers. You can apply now for your chance to join the crew in the "Become a Blogger" tab. You can scroll down and click the "Tips to Become a Blogger" button for ideas for your application.

   This has been a Woozapalooza Service announcement, thank you for reading.

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