Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Shopz be back ;o

Hey guys! Carly here :3
Today's post will just be a small one cause i'm totally smoking hot here .-. its really hot. feels like summer really. like Wow. the heat u-u im so like tired and lazy. Wow. Anyways. ok.
So if you been on woozworld recently you might have noticed that shopz has went back to the regular prices ;o Its good. Those killer prices were killing me off. I think because no one was buying it since they were real expensive. so they decided to change them back to there normal prices, witch is good. the prices they had before were just unbelievable but now they seem accurate take a look.

Much better c; 
Yes? :3
anyways im getting sick of listening to spells on Ww -.- Im at some drama place :P 'drama' Ha.Ha. Anyways. G2gz
Byee :3

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