Friday, May 16, 2014

Woozworld App Trail Blazer

Did you guys make it on the list for the Woozworld App? I just received a message from the Woozband that I made it and received this new title and badge called "Woozworld App Trail Blazer". The official date that the app is being released is May 22nd, but you probably already know that. So I just wanted to show you what the badge and title look like for "Woozworld App Trail Blazer" since I already posted all the app info in my last post. So if you want to learn more about that just scroll down. Anyway here's the message I got:
Yeah, it's just a pretty basic message lol. But at least I got the title and badge. Here's what those look like:
I think it looks pretty cool. lol. The badge (yesss I finally figured out the word for the picture that goes with your title) looks pretty cool. 
Cya Later ;)
Gtg now xD

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