Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Woozworld New CEO?

   Hey, it's me Cel. So I was just reading the Woozworld INC. website, and apparently Woozworld hired a new President/CEO. This time it is a woman and her name is Simonetta Lulli. She was appointed CEO and president on Febuary 4, 2014, but she actually joined Woozworld INC. in October, 2013. Ms. Lulli is tasked with readying Woozworld for a number of enhancements in technology and growth that are slated for the first half of 2014. I think this explains a lot of the changes Woozworld has had this year. The animations have changed to more animated and cartoonish, with sort of a modern look. The "enhancements in technology and growth" explains the Woozworld App that is coming out, and all of the new animations. You can easily tell that new animators have been hired, because in the ads that appear on your screen when you click onto world are different. Now there are multiple buttons that lead you straight to the Woozworld store and shopz to buy new items. It even displays the schedule for that week below. Plus, the faces on the ads and in store have changed, along with the style of designing. You can tell the new animators are girls because of the new girly style Woozworld has changed to over these past few months. Is Woozworld turning into a website for tween girls instead of boy and girl tweens and teens?
This is a picture of the new CEO, Simonetta Lulli:

     Also, the Woozworld INC. website has recently been updated On the website it says Ms. Lulli was tasked with developing Woozworld's virtual goods monetization strategies and broadening it's operations. She states that she would like to "take Woozworld to the next level"... What does this mean? Are more changes yet to come? What do you think? Tell us in the shoutbox or in comments!

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