Sunday, May 4, 2014

A few updates WW should make.

Sooooooooo I was just sitting here on the computer thinking about what I should post, when I started thinking about updates. I came up with 10 updates that I think Woozworld should make when the app comes out..:
1. Putting makeup on you woozen.
They should let you put makeup on your woozen. It would be kind of like Stardoll I guess. It would still look super cool on your woozen.

2. Making the emoji appear for your woozens face.
This would look super coollll!!!!!!!!!! Like the mad emoji would make your woozens face turn red with anger and the sad one would make your woozen cry? SUPER COOL. They neeeeeddd to make this a update.

3. Putting your own clothes on WW to sell.
They should totally make this. If IMVU has it then why doesn't WW? This would be a good feature because a lot of people have good ideas, and they send to WW and they do nothing!

4. Being able to recolor your items.
Many people have been wanting this for a super long time. They actually had it for like one week and then they took it off. This would be awesome because many people have things they didn't mean to color or the coloring looks bad.

5. A way to transfer beex- wooz and to buy votes.
THIS WOULD BE AMAZING! I have soooo much beex but not enough wooz! After the update came where you couldn't sell things for wooz, a lot of people had wooz for no reason! Also, I use up my votes trying to level up people and then I actually need them and I don't have any.

6. Having music.
They should seriously have this feature on this website. I hate having to go on YouTube and listen to music because it makes me lag. If they just had a bar at the top of the screen where you could choose music, that would be cool.

7. Vips able to buy old outfits at certain times.
I think this would be fair because there are plenty of old outfits that I seriously want but you can't trade or sell them. This would also be fair for only Vips cuz they are the ones paying money for the website.

8. Having actions for your woozen.
This would be soooo coollll. The only reason why I think they don't have them is cuz people would do nasty things with them.

9. Being able to use caps, changing font, font color, and unblocking a few words.
THIS WOULD BE USEFUL! You can't even use caps on WW. They need to unblock words because its stupid how they have common words blocked.

10. Showing who is in the unit.
I like how they changed the follow button to show how many people are in the unit, but I would like a list of who was in there in case I see someone I don't like or something there.

              So I hope you guys liked this post about a few updates I would love. And who knows, maybe they will take my advice and make these changes! So that's all!

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