Wednesday, May 7, 2014

SOTW Winner + Tips

Congratz to the new SOTW winner liveyallstar! Her outfit was really creative and cute, and the colors were nice and original. The dark purple hair really compliments the light purple outfit, and makes it look really nice. I'm glad to see that for the past few weeks the Star of the Week winners haven't been "famous". Most of the time they are "famous" woozens. But finally woozens are winning from their fashion and not their fame. I like how liveyallstar mixed the outfits together and added the skirt, along with her own unique color choices. The purple looks great on her. Great job liveyallstar!

I also have some tips for you today! :D
  1. Never give people your account information. One time I trusted a friend of mine and she hacked me. She emptied all of my unitz that I worked hard on, she stole my wooz, beex, and Deadmau5's, and all my rares. This was about a year and a half ago when I had just gotten VIP. Right after I got hacked my VIP expired, so I became poor again.
  2. Choose your friends wisely. Never trust someone that you barely know. Get  to know a person before you become close friends with them, especially on games like this. 
  3. Trade carefully. You always have to watch who you trade with, especially if it involves rare items. Some people will do anything to get there hands on certain virtual goods, including scamming and hacking. Before you trade with someone, scroll over the item to see the price it is and make sure the name is the real item name. Sometimes scammers hack the items so one is disguised as another. Once I traded a paper bag for another item, but the item was fake! Also, check the person's wallz and unitz to see if anyone called them a scammer.
  4. Have fun. Woozworld is a game made for kids, tweens, and teens to have fun and make friends. Don't let anyone get in your way of this. If someone is bothering you, don't complain and bully them back, or quit the game over it! Just report and block them so they can't bother you anymore. 
  5. Be creative. The main point of Woozworld is to be creative, have fun, make new friends, and as Woozworld may say "Your World, Your Way." Being creative and original is a must have. Don't copy other people just because it is "in style" or "cool". Be yourself and create your own styles and inventions. If you like what someone else does, it is okay to use their ideas and change it up a little to fit you better. But always make sure to tell them that you like what they did so they don't think you're a copy cat.
  6. Be nice. This tip is one that I think everyone should use. No one is ever going to be nice to you if you aren't nice to them. It's always a good thing to do a few good deeds a day, and to not be rude. If someone looks sad or is all alone, go talk to them and lift their spirit up. This applies for Woozworld, all other games and online websites, and most of all REAL LIFE. Be nice! :D
  7. Have a nice day. Have a nice day, yes yes! If you are sad or something is wrong, don't let it get in the way and ruin your day. Keep your head help high and enjoy life! c:
That's all for now!

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