Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Jax... Over?

     OMG!! According to Woozrazzi, Jenny and Max (Jax) are BROKEN UP FOR GOOD!  The Woozrazzi states that after Jenny's party they found pictures of Jenny BAWLING CRYING! Is the cutest couple in Woozworld... Over? Apparently, Max's "Close Friend" (HMM I WONDER WHO THAT MAY BE.. MAYBE HIS ONLY FRIEND WOOZWORLD KNOWS OF.. Possibly JayWooz?!) said that Max had been done with the relationship for a long time and Jenny was caught without her wedding ring on! Apparently Max didn't even show up for her birthday party and just didn't know how to tell her they were over. But when the press asked Jenny and Max, they had no comment. Max's friend said.. OK THIS IS THE WEIRD AND HILARIOUS PART.. Max was ignoring everyone and was too busy.. WAIT FOR IT... GROWING A CACTUS FARM?!  LOOOL! When I read that I was like.. Uh no wonder he NEVER shows up to his events. And apparently MyaWooz hasn't been supporting Jenny at all throughout this time of crisis. Do you think Mya and Max are.. Together? Jenny's "close friend" said Max had been ignoring her ever since Big Woozen, and Mya was never there to support Jenny.. Suspicious, HMM?
     Now, honestly I think Woozworld just needed more drama, so they decided a breakup would be perfect! Woozworld has been dramaless for the past few weeks and the Woozrazzi has had nothing to say. When is a better time then to create drama then now? Plus.. The picture of Jenny crying.. JUST LOOK!
I was laughing sooo hard. Not to be mean about this whole Jenny and Max "breakup" sotry, but that picture is just so funny. LOOK AT JENNY'S FACE! I mean I've realized Woozworld has been changing their animation style over these past few weeks, but that crying face is just sad.. The inside of the eyes and the glints are different then the old Woozworld. A new animator was probably hired that has a different drawing style. 

Well.. WOW! 
I was expecting this news for a while
Jax.. (Jenny and Max.. I mean why can't it be Menny instead of Jax.. Whatever xD) are broken up..? Wow..
I know it's just a game
and in real life they probably aren't even married,
but, this is news for the game!
Get ready for a load of drama in Woozworld!
This is Cel, Signing off~
#OldSignofflogo xD

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