Friday, May 2, 2014

How to (4)

Hey guys!So Happy May! :) is a How To! And our how to today is..How To Relieve Stress,you know us..Teenagers are having to much stress with school,personal problems and more.

1-Take a bath
Have a cool,refreshing shower or warm bath.
Add a bubble bath or something relaxing.

After your shower or bath,rub lotion all over your body and relax.
Give yourself a mini spa treatment but pamper yourself.

3-Wear something comfy <3
Wear sweats or loose pants and relax like OLAF <3

Don't eat too much but try to keep it healthy.
Fruit is a great snack because it will help you
feel better.

If you want,you can take a jog to help.
Keep in shape and let out your stress.

Xoxo,Carly <3 

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