Thursday, May 1, 2014


WOW!!! Woozworld finally made another clearance sale in the Woozworld store!!! Sadly, I already have those outfits so I'm not gonna buy them or do a review since they are old. I just wish the sale was in SHOPZ and not in STORE. Like why would people buy old outfits if they already have it? I have to say though, the prices are cheaper then before. $9.99 for 4 different outfits isn't bad. But still, SHOPZ would be better.
At least they are all the good outfits and not the ugly ones. And this time the girls and boys outfits are from the same collection and not random. My opinion is that every outfit in store for clearance is super cute (or handsome for the boys XD) But actually, I'm super happy that they put these out for sale to give other woozens a chance to get old rares! Plus, it gives me an excuse to wear old items xD WHOOP WHOOP!!!!

Well, that's all for now :D
Cya later mi amigos. 
(See the one Spanish phrase I know?)
xD Or as I could say in French: Au revoir mes amis!
^^ Cel

P.S. Au revoir mes amis (French) means: Goodbye my friends! and mi amigos (Spanish) means my friends. Lol

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