Thursday, May 29, 2014


 Hey guys, so have you guys noticed the new outfits? ;o ;o ;o ( i know cel already got some info but im just gonna go over it a lil.) They are really cute! :3 and i totally love the heartva one is really cute the hair is just like wow. adorable. and the dress it looks great with the hair, on the other hand the other outfit looks nice too. i dont really like how the dress is made up that well but with the Whole outfit it looks great  and the small hair is just really cute xD i think the designer has done its job so big round of applause for that! xo The prices also seem reasonable. the last offer is really good, they could have made it a bit cheaper like $15.00 maybe less but i guess since the problem we have had they wanted to just get some more money to power stuff up. anyways. these outfits really do say that everyone has style. so i say they should have these kind of designing things more. xo
 So have you guys heard of the new unit design contest, it says quite and few things. heres the link to go to it:
I think they sorta lieing at the fame thing though....Lol. so yea. there will be 3 finals and they will be picked from the english version or whatsoever xD french version and i think the itilian version if im correct. if my spelling off dont mind that im just really lazy. anyways thats all for today.
Bye guys!

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