Friday, May 2, 2014

Update + Book Unitz + FUNNY VIDEO LOOOOL

Hey it's me Cel :D SOOO I was going through my friends list and noticed yes ANOTHER new sign! It shows if the person is on the Woozworld App!

Also, another virtual book series is in Woozworld ;o It's called 'Hidden Secrets' by Chris Columbus and Ned Vizzini. You can visit the 'Hidden Secrets unitz' to get the virtual books. 

To finish off this post, I found this HILARIOUS video. I don't know but I was like dyinggggg of laughter. Here's a challenge, TRY NOT TO LAUGH XDD. My choir teacher showed us in second hour rofl.... Just watch the whole thing (It's funny to me so don't judge xDDDD) Ok no I'm dyinggg. I failed the challenge D:
I fell out of my chair -_0
Did you pass the challenge? 
^^ Cel
P.S. I am like obsessed with ^^ now.. xDD
Oh and BTW >.< I HAVE AN ODD SENSE OF HUMOR. Soo yeahh..
LOOL I'm still laughing, byee!

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