Saturday, May 31, 2014


Bullies, Bullies, Bullies! Its like the whole world is filled with them.
Hey guys carly here, and i was just thinking of doing a bullying post since that is like the number 1 problem in Ww. Im pretty sure everyone has bullied at least ONCE in there life. Im not saying You are bad xP no, im sure saying we have all said some mean or rude things to people, but we really dont know how it can affect them. Some lead to cutting, Some straight to suicide.Thats why we should be extra careful, and watch what we say. Heres an huge example, Note: This did happen in reality:
Im sure some of you might have heard of Amanda Todd? She was a teenager when she commit suicide. She even made a video about it on youtube (link later in the post, Also the girl with the cards is NOT her its just some girl telling the story) So she was just on the internet and this guy asked her to show some inappropriate parts, and she did. Thats where her mistake was..She should have not done that. If she didnt, she might still be living. So after a few weeks the guy found out her location, her friends, everything. rumors started to fill the school and everyone hated her. They decided to move somewhere else and they did. Amanda then went to a different school but the guy found out her location everything once again, everyone was really mean to her. One girl even punched her and some groups beat her up and when her dad found her she was in a ditch. The police even came to her house with the photos that she showed the guy. She just could not take it. With all her friends,and everyone hating her..........She decided to suicide. She hanged herself. I think she even cut before that. This was in 2012 around Christmas, or November Long time ago. a few weeks before, they passed something in court i think related to amanda. She made a wrong decision, but what the bully did was not right either. I hope that person regrets it...........I felt really bad for her. See what bullies can do. This may not be from words its from actions but even words can affect someone. R.I.P A.T
Video link: I might have missed some parts in the story but the video tells it all, Again the girl is NOT amanda i think just a friend. But the story really is something to be heard. Please watch if you can..
End to all the bullies!
Thats it for now!
Bye guys!

                                    nEW SIGN OUT PIC! BOOM. XP Lol sorta dark i know but i think its cool xP

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