Monday, May 12, 2014

Spar Outfit Review! ;)

Bonjour! Je' mappelle Cel! xD (Hello, my name is Cel! xD) Today I'm back with another outfit review. This time it's the "Spar Collection."

Name: Spar Hair
Review: A cute hair pulled up into a simple messy bun. I LOVE this hair! It is so cute in my opinion.. At least from the front. The back of the hair looks sort of funny xD.

Name: Spar Cardigan 
Review: A short shirt/tank top with a casual jacket plus necklaces. This shirt is pretty cute.. But the shirt under the jacket looks like the crop tops. Still cute though! :D

Name: Spar Jeans
Review: A cute pair of jeans with stars printed on them. I like these pants and think they go great with the outfit. I am soo happy that Woozworld decided to make jeans instead of skirts!! YAY! I can't wait till summer collections start to come out so then they will have shorts.


Name: Spar Boots
Review: A pair of ankle-high boots with socks that have stars on them. I only have one thing to say about these shoes.. They are boring!!!!!! I mean sure they may match the outfit but honestly they don't even go along that well. In my opinion they're an eye sore.D:

Full Outfit:
Name: Spar Collection
Review: This outfit is a casual yet cute outfit that revolves are stars. I think it is super cute and great for spring time!

Sorry the top of the bun got cut off, the preztige level sign was blocking it :P. Oh by the way, do you guys like the new cover/header photo? :D ALL READY FOR SUMMERTIME! XD Au revoir! (bye)

That's all for now ;)


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