Friday, May 9, 2014

Bullying & Mothers Day! ;o

hey Guys, Carly here. Ok. So i have noticed a lot of bullying going around, Most of this happens in the 'Movie Theater' Lots of people are even being rude to wooz guides and other woozens.. Now, you may say wooz guides dont do there work and all but some of them do. And you have no right in bullying them or any other woozen we are all friends. and we dont deserve to be bullied.. We all deserve equal rights. Everyone needs to be treated the way you would want to be treated. Lots of people want to act 'cool' And that does happen. Thats where most of the bullying comes from. But do you really want to bully? What will you get into hurting someones feeling? No True friends, No one would wanna go around you since you bully. death, people cant take all this and really just want to go. And some of you wont even feel the pain they have been through. I was at the movie theater and i saw some people picking on each other and on a woozguide. Take a look.

 is this seriously needed. i dont get why people bully. its just stupid. and you should NEVER do it. Im sure you would not like to get bullied so why even think about it. it really hurts. and i seriously dont think anyone should do it. I mean it seriously can cause a lot of drama and can even lead to death. If you guys heard of 'Amanda Todd' You should know what i mean. Well her story was different. She posted things witch made herself suicide. If you wanna know more about her search her on google. even youtube. she made a video, about her bullying experience of course the girl with the flashcards was not her. Really sad and upsetting. R.i.p Amanda and all those other people who have died. <3 
Anyways...ITS MOTHERS DAY THIS SUNDAY ;O xD. You should all try to do something nice for your mom this weekend. Its a day to loooooveeeee your mama C; xD. I know sometimes moms can be hard '-' but they do it for a reason right.  But anyways. Mothers day! ;o ;o ;o I wish you all and your mama's a great mothers day <3
Who lives under the water at the bottom of the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS! XD i think i spelt it write....       -.-

Anyways thats all for today! :3 
Bye guys!


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