Thursday, May 22, 2014

HollyXooz, App, and more!

Heh..heh..heh.. Well.... A new  collectiblez constest is in Woozworld now. They are these little iPads with a Woozworld hologram coming out.
If you are on the Woozworld app you can collect them automatically, but on the computer version of Woozworld you have to buy the HollyXooz Visor from Shopz. 
There are also new HollyXooz outfits in the Woozworld Store. These are the outfits that woozens entered in to "help Eva feel welcome". So obviously, these outfits are designed by a woozen. These outfits are supposed to be based on the future so I'm sort of scared to see what kind of clothes my kids would be wearing XDD (if I even have kids rofl). 
Btw, don't think for one second that Woozworld would allow future outfits without having a reason right?! Of course, the Woozworld App has arrived! 
When you log onto the app you can also get free exclusive gifts. But, only from May 27th to May 31st. All you have to do is log into the app, go to the app unit, and click on the little chest to get your prizes. Here's a little more of explanatory directions that Woozworld sent me in a message (the message was too big to take a picture of so I copied and pasted xD. If you made it onthe app list thing then you should get this message too):
Hi CelieLove37,

It's finally here! The Woozworld App is now available in the iTunes App Store for all iOS 7 devices!

Put the WHOLE World in your pocket and connect with your friends when you want, where you want! 

To celebrate the Woozworld App, every day from May 27th 2014 to May 31st you will be able to get a FREE gift! Follow these steps to receive your FREE gift!

1) Download the Woozworld App
2) Login everyday with your current Woozworld account on the Woozworld App
3) Enter the world section and search for the Exclusive Woozworld App Lounge
4) Click the reward podz there to receive your gift

You don’t want to miss the exclusive gifts… or Wooz ;)

The Woozband

Here's the unit you have to go to:
Exclusive Woozworld App Lounge

That's all for today, folks. OKAY NO, FOLKS DOESN'T WORK! XD But anyway..
BYEEE! XD If you want more info about the App and what it's like, message Nekole or CelieLove37 on Woozworld.
I don't actually have a device to download the app on though.
I haven't even logged onto it yet. But Summer said I might be able to log in on her phone. So you should probably just message "Nekole" on Woozworld to learn more about the app. xD
P.S. Got new chickens! Named em Nugget, Dumpling, and Pox

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