Monday, May 5, 2014

Fashion DIY With Cel! (1)

Hey it's me Cel! So I was wondering what I should post about.. when I decided I'm will start a DIY fashion post series! Obviously, this is my first DIY. There will be 1 a week starting this week. For today it will be a DIY of how to make your own hair design!!

1. Starting Off.Take a picture of a hair or mannequin you would like to edit.

2. Choose the Item:If you decide to use a mannequin, choose the hair you would like to edit or start drawing on it in the Paint tool. You can find it on Google and download it. If you decide to edit an hair from Woozworld, pick it out.
3. Begin Editing:Go onto paint and click the erase tool. Erase every part of the item you want gone. If you want to leave it the same then skip to the next step. (You can add more to the item if you want, I do that all the time, but it is very time consuming) So today I will just erase.
4. Add Accessories: Next you need to add accessories if you wish. For this, you can take accessories off of other items, or make your own. To use already made accessories, open another paint tab and erase everything accept the accessory you want to use. Then click the little shape icon and outline it. Go to edit and click copy. Once you open your original editing tab, click paste and add the item to your design.
5.Coloring: Remove any marks that don't blend in, and use the syringe tool to select colors you may need to blend. I already did this step.

6. Final Touches: Add any final touches of fashion or editing. You can use any tool for this and it is pretty much up to you and your style.
7. Sign Your Work: Always remember to sign your work with your name or your username so no one can steal your design.
And there you go! How to design your own hair for Woozorld DIY! 
You can send in your DIY's that I teach you on the blog and they may 
be featured on this blog! Send them to: :D So what do you think of my quick little hair design? xD I'll create an outfit for it in the next DIY's soon to come c: .

Well, bye!!
^^ Cel
P.S. What sort of outfit should go along with the hair? c:

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