Sunday, May 25, 2014

Long time no seen

Hello everyone,It's me Angeline and sorry for long time no seen xP ! And now I want to post here,just i didn't really know what to write in here but now i kinda realised what it to be.The new Woozworld with any updates is my theme for today or let's call it topic !I really don't understand the new woozworld 'updates'!
This game is changing every single day and we -the woozens can't do anything to let it back.So that's so bad because the animators said that they really want the old game back ,but It's impossible to get it back because they are not allowed T.T.So that's the worst part ever and ther new collections attended in it,they are just amazing as we all think ,I thought they won't do new right now ,because It was friday and still nothing,but they made amazing clothes which inspired me to write this!C:
It's awesome,except the hair (cute and sweet),but little strange and shoes little ugly ,xD !
But anything in this outfit is very cool and i really really adore the style and perfectness in it!
So now I decided to do a lil' review on this outfit (Cel don't be angry).I saw that and Summer made onew review on outfit,so I'll too make with colorable one-I don't want to color it still ,because I want to amaze and inspire myself!

So the review is here!!!!! :

For the outfit:It's a cute special outfit bowed with shine and superness.It can be casual ,but and for special events like anything,except weddings.This outfit's colorable colors are amazingly done with coolness.Everywhere is a good place for that outfit it's like 2 in 1 and sometimes 1.

Ok that's it from me.

Bye now girls and boys ,amazing woozers,haters and others.But I'm not sure there is haters thou ,because this blog is amazing and I love it <3 <3!

-xoxo Angeline-('Everything can be better if you were magician,but the only magician here is your life who follows you with magic wand everywhere!')

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