Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fashion advice+New edit+Some news maybe :DDD

Hey anyone,it's me Angeline!I'm back finally from my long long business and here to entertain you with some news and fashion advices as always!
I'm very happy to see you back my very true woozers ,members,haters xD and etc............!
It's awesome that Woozworld made some new updates,like that in Cel's post down lol!
It shows when you're off and on on Woozworld and the best part is that even someone is not your friend you can see if he/she is online or no lol! That's how i saw MyaWooz was online yesterday!So guys ,now let's go to the other part of bloggering....for sure.....
Um ,anyone in this blog did fashion advices-/tips except me,so I decided to be different to make Fashion Doublation,I'll put two ppl to be there and show there outfits(Me and someone lucky) !
Lol ,ok let's start :P :

1-st model:rockiesea

Rockiesea's clothes:
-Hair:Azurium rebel(From plants)
-Torso:Official Woozworld Tank-3125 beex and 375 wooz
-Legs:Classic Minishorts(Shopz)
Feet:Ribbon Rhinestone Sneakers-625 beex and 75 wooz

AngelineGirl1's clothes:
-HairFanctea Hair -Store
-Dress:Fanctea dress -Store
-Skirt:Fanctea skirt -Store
Feet:Fanctea shoes -Store

That's us xD ,don't we look amazing ? :P
I hope you like that ,because I wanted to pic someone with style c: and even our style is so different we look both amazing xp!

Ok now as I promised my new edit/sign-off ,it's amazing :P (i think) lol! :

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