Friday, May 16, 2014


   Get this.. I log onto Woozworld after being grounded for the week.. BOOM! Updates, updates, UPDATES!!! I haven't seen this many updates on Woozworld since Woozin and preztige arrived. Here's a list of everything that was updated:
  • Zechic has been added to Shopz. Rare items are for sale only 300 wooz each!
New BIO has been added to Shopz. I guess Max's whole "Cactus Farm" thing was ligit. You can either grow roses of love or cactuses of spite, and receive awesome exclusive items.

  • The icons at the bottom of your page have been enlarged and some have even been changed! The Shopz button is an orange bag just like on the Woozworld App.The inventory button was changed to shelves. The marketplace button is now different colors. The message button was changed also. It's now a white envelope.
The inventory and profile have been changed. In your inventory the bubbles that contain your items are enlarged so less items show on one page. Your profile.. well.. just look. Your woozen is standing on some sort of platform! And when you click other woozen's profiles it is way different with your title and prestige on a little bar with preztige logos and an achievement trophy that matches your title. Your status as a speech bubble! :O

The Woozworld App releasing has been announced. May 22nd. DARN IT! I GUESS MAY 23rd, UGH! xD One day off.. On the log in page there is a countdown till the app is released. Anyway, there is also a new exclusive item preview that you get when you log onto the app. There also might be a NEW EMO that turns your face blue!

Pretty cool updates in my opinion. I like how the icons are bigger so people can see them better if they have small screens. I am SOOOO happy that Zechic was finally updated, and it is much better in Shopz so then anyone can see the VIP items. Plus I am getting allowance this week so I'm going to get VIP instead :). xD What do you guys think of the updates and possible new emo? Tell us in the chatbox or comments if you want xD.
Byee! But before I log off, I found this hilarious quote in a drawing advice video. Wait for it... "Draw your soul spaggetti," 
Just so you know, it isn't funny unless you say it in Mark Crilley's voice. If you want to hear him say it, go on Youtube and search "markcrilley drawing advice". 
Bye!! xD 
This is Cel, signing off.

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