Thursday, May 29, 2014

New UGO/UCC (Flowerva/Heartva) Outfits! xD

First thing I have to say... Why would anyone EVER name a stylish collection UGO and UCC? It sounds like a slang for ugly xD. And these outfits are NOT ugly! Actually, I love them.. o.0 But, only for one reason, and that is.. IT REMINDS ME OF ANIME STYLE! :P Sorry, I can't help myself. I love the style of anime and manga. But never mind that xD. So you can buy these outfits in the Woozworld Store. Btw, these are girls outfits only.
Lol it's funny how the bonus pack is called "The Eva Pack". Obviously these are the Woozen designed outfits for Eva! I thought last week's outfits were but I guess I was wrong. So yeah.. new outfits XD. The Heartva UCC collection and the Flowerva UGO collection. Buy them now in the Woozworld store!
I look like I'm an anime character ;). Jumped right off the screen! XD These outfits will probably end up being rare some day lololol they are really cute.. :/

kkthxbye.. OMG DID I SAY IT RIGHT?
Please inform me.. .. I'm not really up to date with this sorta stuffs.
Hehe old signoff. -Cel

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