Friday, February 28, 2014


Yay guys! Tonight at 11:23 pm (eastern time) we hit 4000 views!  I am so glad I am apart of the amazing ,wonderful, so good-looking, created by the best woozens (not to mention famous and rich and cool and better than Lat and Glitz).. Well anyway .xD...So thanks guys! Message me on woozworld (Apple-panda) for a chance to win 100 wooz! -xoxo Apple

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hey guys,

I am so sorry for not posting recently. it has been complete CHAOS in my life. Homework, project, 4 hour practices, its been a LOT. I'm really trying to be better at this! So if you have any ideas for me to do (Contests, advice etc..) please tell my in the comments or chat box! Thanks! xoxo- Apple

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cel's CarnaWooz Unitz Design

Hey it's me Cel. I made this unit for the CarnaWooz unitz design contest. I think it looks pretty good for my first unitz design contest c: I hope I win lol I spent 6,000 wooz and 30,000 beex on decorating it xD Comment and post in chat box what you think? c: (Sorry it's a little blurry)

Attention, Urgent Announcement

This is an important Woozapalooza message.
ATTENTION ALL BLOGGERS: if you do not post regularly, we will REMOVE you from the blog.
 Masonwhitejok is officially being removed from the blog. Sorry.
ATTENTION VIEWERS AND FANS: we will be adding a new blogger to replace Masen, so sign up in the 'Become a Blogger' tab now!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

CarnaWooz Unitz Design Contest

As you may know, the new unitz design contest came out. It was to design a celebration unitz for Carnawooz, and each day there would be a winner (3 winners in all). Well, tonight's winner was Caceymama. It's sort of ironic since she is a woozguide, but I guess they can win contests too. I was really hoping to win but maybe I will win the other 2 :D Take a look at Caceymama's unit: Car na Wooz Unitz Design
Caceymama's CarnaWooz unitz design contest winner

xoxo <3 ~Cel

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ready for Easter!

Have you seen the new Woozapalooza Easter update? :D We decorated the blog for spring time and Easter! I hope you like it and made sure to give us feedback in the chat box or comments c: xoxo <3 ~Cel

Apple's New Obsession!

Okay, so I know I'm probably so totally late to this but i am OBSESSED with slender man! I watch pewdiepie play it, I play it on my itouch, and yeah. im just. ugh. too much. nope. rage quit. Okay just ya. thanks for over 3.5k views guys!(K? G? AGTCGATGACTAGTCA?) Even though i bet a bunch of them are me, when i'm bored (All the Time). Okay. That's about it.  -xoxo Apple

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sorry D:

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been posting. I have had alot of homework and alot of of basketball games. (Won every single one :D) But, I promise I will post a cool new video I have been doing. See ya later! ~xoxox Summer

Friday, February 21, 2014

New Items In Store

Have you seen the new items in the Woozworld store yet? It is a new CarnaWooz collection, for the final Woozlympic ceremony. Some woozens thinks it has to do with Mardi Gras. My favorite part about the girls outfits is the skirt and hair, but I don't really think the shirt matches, and I don't like the weird CarnaWooz logo on the front of it. The shoes are nice too, but I don't think their anything special. I like the boys outfit shirt the most, but the rest is pretty basic. The hair is probably the best feature of both outfits. xoxo <3 Cel
Girls and Boys CarnaWooz outfits. Models: CelieLove37 and cooldude168r

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Woozlympics DISASTER!

Hey, it's Cel xD Tonight was supposed to be the second Woozlympics event, and Maxwooz is over an hour late. Cooly (woozguide) made his own Woozlympics event to take the one Max didn't arrive too's place. Wow.. Woozband really messed up this time xD xoxo <3 ~Cel

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Woozlympics: Skiing

Our very own Cel has just finished her skiing session! Sadly, she had finished last :( Well Cel you get an A for effort! xD

Cel just about to start
Cel finishing last


Hey Guys Its Pressure here! I'm sorry that I haven't been posting. I was in an accident and my leg hurts, it is not broken. I will be resuming on posting stuff soon. Hopefully, I will be posting every week.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Level 50!

Yay!!! It's me Cel and I am so happy because I am FINALLY level 50! :D I made this little edit for it .. Lol :) Sooo happy xP
My edit for level 50 <3 ~Cel

Cel's NEW Flappy Bird Trade and Addz Center! :D

Hey guys, it's me Cel, and I made a NEW awesome Flappy Bird trade and adds center! Here, you can make trades with other woozens, and do addz to your own unitz! Check it out! (Sorry the pic is blurry and a little bit wierd, it moved some of the tiles around, so make sure to check it out in Woozworld, my username is CelieLove37)
Flappy Bird Trade and Addz Center
I thought I should add the leaderboard for daily unitz :) YAY, NUMBER 1!!

Cel's Fashion Favorites

Congratz to Marandi for being today's winner of Cel's Fashion Favorites. I love your style and magenta color :D. Your hat I like LOVE. Lol, great job and keep up the great fashion around Woozworld. xoxo <3 ~Cel

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Hey guys it's Cel! I was just at PaytonPop's unitz, and a fake mod was there. Payton was claiming she was friends with her in real, and I said she was full of lies and the mod wasn't real. I did call the "mod" something bad, but Payton has done worse things. She got all mad at me, and locked me up, naming the unitz: MOD BANN CELL IE... Like, seriously? Then, Casey (woozguide) came, and solved the problem, making Payton delete the unitz. Wow, just WOW!! PaytonPop is a liar and a bully.


So, you may or may not have known that my birthday was on Valentine's Day. So, I thought what better way to break in a new blogger then with a contest? Enter with your best "Forever Alone" picture. Cuz i'm with you guys, forever alone. on instagram you can send it to #applepandacontest or message me on woozworld (Apple-panda). the winner will recive 4 HUNDRED wooz. The contest ends on May 1. Good luck you guys! xoxo- Apple

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hi new blogger :P the reason my user or whatever is like this is cuz I have to use my sisters account.. anyway I don't know what to say right now. if you have any ideas email is thanks!-- Masenwhitejok


Haii everyone!
So if you couldn't already tell, I'm the new blogger on le blog! I'm so excited to join you guys! Really, I don't have anything specific to post about, so at anytime, for anything, you can email me at or comment any ideas. Thanks! -xoxo Apple

New Blogger Winner's!!

Congratulations to.... Masenwhitejok and Apple-Panda on being the 2 new bloggers of Woozapalooza! Tomorrow we will be adding you onto the blog, so make sure to send your email to us. Congratz!


There Has Been a Delay, Sorry for the Inconvenience

Guys, I am SO SORRY, but there has been a delay, and tonight's event will be starting late, or even canceled. The winner's of the new blogger contest will still be announced on here though. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.. D:

Friday, February 14, 2014

Become a Blogger! ;o

Make sure to sign up to become a blogger in the next 24 hours! Tomorrow, we will be announcing the new blogger at our other 3,000 views party! We want as many people to have a chance as possible, so sign up! Just click the 'Become a Blogger' tab, and fill out the form! :D Good luck!

Thanks For Coming!

Thanks for coming to the Woozapalooza Valentine's Party and App's Bday :D She loved it xD The event has now ended lol, but I hope you all could make it. It was really fun, but tomorrow is the real 3,000 views party :P Thanks, Happy Valentine's Day. Bye! xoxo <3 ~Cel

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope you can all make it to the event tonight. It will be held in my (CelieLove37's) unitz. It is a huge celebration for our friend App's birthday, PLUS Valentine's Day, PLUS one of the 3,000 views events. Tomorrow another one will be held to announce something huge.. Today, there will ALSO be an announcement, relating to a new blogger ;o. I hope y'all can make it! Read the eventz tab for the info or the post below this.. Lol Here's a pic of the unitz. The title is: Wooz a pa looz a Valentine's Party Event
xoxo <3 ~Cel

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

3000 Views Eventz

Woozapalooza 3000 Views Eventz
Thankyou everyone for 3,000 views, and I hope you enjoy the events we have put together for you!
This time, there will be 2 events, so make sure to come to both of them!

1st Event:
When: Friday, February 14
Time: 5:00 WOOZTIME
Place: CelieLove37's Unitz
Details: A suprise party for our friend Apple-Panda, and a Valentine's Party all in one. There will be entertainment, prizes, and more. There will be a huge announcement, related to adding a new blogger.

2nd Event:
When: Saturday, February 15
Time: 7:00 WOOZTIME
Place: Nekole's Unitz
Details: A special concert and party to celebrate 3,000 views. There will be entertainment, fun, and more.
An even bigger announcement will be given, related to adding a new blogger.

Flappy Bird Has Arrived!

Have you seen? We have officially added Flappy Bird to Woozapalooza! Now you can play Flappy Bird every time you visit our blog! Cool, right? Just scroll down to the very bottom of the page, and Voila!

-Scroll to bottom of page
-Find the 'Flappy Bird' gadget
-Click 'Start'
-Click your mouse once to flap
-Keep clicking and make it through the tubes

Monday, February 10, 2014

Jenny's Chat Room - Valentine's Special ♥

Hey guys! It's Cel, and I'm here at Jenny's Chat Room! Tonight's event was a Valentine's special, and it was a blast! On my turn, I made a poem for my crushes ;) (Dell,Young, And Blitz) Here is my poem: 

 When I look at you, my heart flies away: just like FlappyBird.
Whenever I smile, I want you to know that you are the reason why. 
My heart skips a beat when I look into your eyes.
Happy Valentines Day, Love you! (This version is a little different, I tried to remember all of it but I forgot some, sorry xD) 
Me and JennyWooz <3

This Week's Schedule

Woozband Eventz:

Woozapalooza Eventz:
 On Saturday is Woozapalooza's 3,000 Views Event, featuring a suprise performance/guest. Details and time will be posted later on the blog.

Check 'Eventz' in Woozworld for more cool activities!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cel's Fashion Favorites

Congratz to AshelyLuvCookies for being today's winner of Cel's Fashion Favorites! I love your outfit, style, and colors! You are totally rocking the new hair, and I love the twist you made with the outfit. Great job, and keep up the great fashion around Woozworld! xoxo <3 ~Cel

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Boyish Chic outfits

As you know, most girls on WW aren't that girly. They wear boy's shirts and boy's shoes. Well, one of those girls is me xD And I wanted to share with you 3 of my favorite boyish-chic outfits with details :

1) Shirt: Hipster Comfy Plaid Pants: Zombie Legs Shoes: Old Slippers Hair: Summer Fedora
2) Shirt: Rockstar Vest with Tattoos Pants: Zombie Legs Shoes: Guy's Tommys Hair: Rebellion- for Her
3) Shirt: Glamz' Bf's Shirt and Tie Pants: Zombie Legs Shoes: Cool High Tops Hair: Stud Hairband

I hope you all try these outfits out  for yourselfs and have fun with them! PS. Sorry I used Zombie legs in all 3. You can Substitute them for any pants that you like!)  Xoxoxox ~ Summer

Jenny's Book Club - DISASTER!

Hey guys, it's Cel, and right now I'm at Jenny's Cook Club event at the Book Lounge.. Well.. IT IS A DISASTER! Jason Fry, the author, has to restart tons of times because he was invisble, and STILL tons of people can't see him, including me -.- Summer can see him though, so she made a video of what he looks like. THIS IS TERRIBLE! D: Click this link to watch it xP (you can see me if you look close xP i'm in the blue like always) Click this link:

Fashion Tips - Woopetz

Hey guys, it's Cel! :D I have some fashion tips for you about Woopetz. It has become fashionable around Woozworld to have a matching Woopetz to compliment your outfit. Now, I carry a Woopetz to alot of places around Woozworld! Take a look at these super fashionable outfits, and matching Woopetz! 
Stylish, right? :D Well, there's more where that came from! 
You can message me,Summer, or Pressure on Woozworld for any fashion tips!
Usernames: CelieLove37, Nekole, UnderPressure
Thanks! xoxo <3 ~Cwl

Friday, February 7, 2014

Cel's Fashion Favorites

Congratz to -Avril-XD for being the first winner after the technical difficulties problem happened.. (Long story).. Anyway, I LOVE your fashion, and I LOVE your colors :D Keep up the great fashion around Woozworld, and have a nice Valentine's Day! :D xoxo <3 ~Cel

New Furni and Clothes/FriendIN/Ms and Mr Valentine

Check out the NEW furniture and clothes that are available NOW for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! :D They are part of the new FriendIN collection! Check it out..
New Furniture Collection!

New Clothing Collection!

Ms. and Mr. Valentine

A new contest has arrived in Woozworld! For this contest, collect as many FriendIn smiles to gain BFF points. To be crowned Ms or Mr Valentine, you need to get the most BFF points possible. The winners will get 30 months VIP, and the top 10 will get 1 month VIP. Also, the winners get to choose 2 friends to give 1 month VIP to. A score board isn't shown, since this is a FRIENDLY competition! ;) 
Collect These to Gain BFF Points!

xoxo <3 ~Cel

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Become a Lolipop Woozen!

You can now become a lollipop in Woozworld! You just have to wear all of the MiWorld Clothing Items. To get them you have to complete all of the Miworld's Quizzes. I hear now, if you answer one question, it will take you to the prize! Here is it what it looks like:
Put all of the Items together!

Found at Max's Sweet Suprise unitz for Mya
                                                               found in Miworld's quiz week 3

Found in Miworld's Quiz week 2
Found in MiWorld's quiz week 1

Have Fun being a lolipop! But remember, it is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY ~Summer

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Photo Edit ;)

Hey guys! I just made a new photo edit. What do you think x)
SELFIE!!!!  ~Summer

Cel's New SignOff Pic.. :P

Hey guy's it's Cel..:P I made a new signoff pic again lol. I will probably just take turns using all of them so yeah. Here's the new one I made:
xoxo <3 ~Cel

Valentine's Shopz

Have you seen the new icon in Shopz titled 'Valentine's'? Well, make sure to check it out so you can get amazing Valentine's Day furniture! These furniture items are exclusive, so you must pay for them in wooz. Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo <3 ~Cel 
The Valentine's Icon in Shopz

Monday, February 3, 2014

Sorry For The Inconvenience.

Hello everyone, it's Cel. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, I know I havn't been keeping you up to date lately. Sadly, I have been having some technical difficulties with the blog and my computer. Fortunately, it seems as if the problem has been solved! I will now once again be frequently posting like usual. Thankyou! ~Cel
xoxo ~CelieLove37