Friday, January 31, 2014

Gold Mannis: GONE?!!

So hey guys. As you know, Woozens have been buying/selling Gold Mannis and Ice blocks. Now, all fo the Gold Mannis are GONE! Yes GONE. The Gold Mannis were a hack, so a couple of days ago, they removed them from everyone's inventory. Even if they were in your unitz, they changed them into regular mannis. Even the people who bought them from the Woozworld Store their mannis are gone too. This is a warning for all hackers. If you hack something, it will be completely REMOVED from Woozworld. Please don't hack and please keep Woozworld regular. ~ Summer
Example of Gold Manni hack

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cel's Contest.. BAD NEWS!.. D:

Hey guys.. it's Cel D: And I have some good and bad news.. Bad news first.. My contest is being canceled D:.. Some things came up and I don't really have time for it.. SORRY xD.. Ok now the good news.. I am back on Woozworld again xP (I quit for a fews days cause' my VIP ran out.. I got a new VIP xD) Well.. Bye :P
xoxo ~Cel

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Woozworld: Glitching?

I went on Woozworld and could not open up the World section or my messages! Is woozworld glitching? Was the update not good for Woozworld? Take a look at this video of the glitches in action:

Sunday, January 26, 2014

WARNING : Too Much Hacking?

Too much hacking? Is all of this hacking beneficial or is it going shut woozworld down? The economy of woozworld has went down because of all the hackers selling duplicates for very cheap. Now everyone has golden mannequins. Is it even rare anymore?
One of the several unitz that was selling hacked items

Cel's Fashion Favorites

Congratz to TigersGoRoar on being today's winner of Cel's Fashion Favorites! I love your yellow and black and your amazing style! Great Job and keep up the great fashion around Woozworld! :D xoxo <3 ~CelieLove37

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Jenny's Book Club -John Kleopfer

Hey guys, it's Cel, and I was just at Jenny's Book Club! Today she was interviewing John Kleopfer, the author of  the 'Zombie Chasers' series :P. Here are the pics I took from the event. xoxo <3 ~Cel

Cel's Fashion Favorites

Congratz to -SummerBreeze for being today's winner of 'Cel's Fashion Favorites'! I love your style and your awesome Myawooz shirt! :D (I even bought it off you xD) Great job and keep up the great fashion around Woozworld c; xoxo <3 ~Cel

Friday, January 24, 2014

Woozapalooza Quiz/Party = AMAZING! :D

Hey guys, it's me Cel!! The Woozapalooza Quiz/Party just ended, and it was a blast! I really hope you guys made it because it was SO FUN! Not only did you get to learn new things about us and the blog, but you got to come to an exclusive party if you passed the quiz! :) I hope you enjoyed it like us members of Woozapalooza did :) Here are some pics from the quiz and party! [:
The Overall Quiz Winner With us :)

Us and a Few Quiz Finishers! [:

The Quiz Unitz

Us With the Overall Winners! :D

The Party! c;

Party time! :D

We Made It On Hot Now! :P

The Quiz Begins!
Party On Hot Now! :D


Announcement: THERE IS NOW A NEW TEAM ON WOOZWORLD! Well, kind of team xD WE ARE THE GEEK SQUAD! We help woozens and we protect their rights! We do not let bigger teams ( Ducky Team) Squash and bully others! We help out woozens, and are about fun! We do the right things but are not perfect which makes us Geeks, (Great, Excellent, Elite, Kids) Please Contact Me, (nekole) or Cel (CelieLove37) To join the Geek Squad! You DO NOT have to have talent, unlike what Lat makes you have to have to be on the Ducky Team. You also DO NOT have to be famous! Just be you and be a great person and we will invite you on the squad! Wear GEEK SWEATER to support! You can also wear LOVE SHIRT and MOO MOOS to support us as well! Support the Squad that doesn't require you to be perfect. Support a Geek. Be a Geek. We are all Geek Squad.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Welcome to Woozworld, where the main currency is beex. 
Have you seen the new Woozworld update yet? It seems as if wooz and beex have switched places.. In the 'beex love' blog article, it states that BEEX is the new main currency in WOOZworld.. The features of this new update are as follows:
-You can sell items for ONLY beex at any price
-The only way to get wooz in from the Woozworld Store
-Preztige has been adjusted so you can level up quicker
-In shopz you can choose to buy items for beex OR wooz
-You can buy exclusive items with wooz
-You have to be a certain level to wear things you bought with beex but you can still sell them 
-If you buy an item with wooz you can wear it no matter what level you are
-You can sell things for free :D
Here are some pics of the new update:
Shop Podz Update

Shopz Update
Choice of Beex or Wooz

Beex Love Blog 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Woozapalooza ChatStep Event Video


Design Woozapalooza Fashion Contest

Design WP Fashion Contest!
Hello this is Cel (CelieLove37)! I am making a new contest! The idea of the contest is to design your own WP (Woozapalooza) outfit/collection! To enter, you can contact me through email,, message me on Woozworld, CelieLove37, or tell us in the Woozapalooza chat box! If you are interested, read on.

-No plagiarism/copying another woozen's design
-No inappropriate designs/words
-Must contact me to enter
-Must send me the design in email or video
-Be creative!

How to enter:
1. Tell me you entered
 -Woozworld: CelieLove37
-Woozin: Post a video on my wall that you're entering
-Woozapalooza: Message me in the chat box

2. Send me the design
-Woozin: post a video of your design on my wall
-email: Send me the design by email

1st Place: Wooz prize + Your design used in the WP Outfitters collection + Model for collection + Article on blog
2nd Place: Wooz prize + Model for collection + article on blog
3rd Place: Model for collection + article on blog

We wish you the best of luck from Woozapalooza!
             xoxo <3 ~CelieLove37


Hey everyone! We have a NEW Woozapalooza Chat Box! Look on the side of this post for it! You can talk about things with other views on the blog! SO cool! Just chat about anything and have fun!

Woozapalooza Outfitters

Hello, this is Cel and I am making a brand new Woozapalooza collection called 'Woozapalooza Outffiters! Here is the first girl's outfit I designed. Comment below what you think! :D

Second piece of clothing in my collection...

Well hey! As you guys know I'm making a fashion collection.. So here is the SECOND piece of clothing..
Cute or Bad? Tell me in the Contact form on the blog! That's all! Bye :D ~Summer

Chat Room Soon!

Hey Guys! Its Summer, and I'm telling you about an UPCOMING chat room! You will be able you chat with the Woozapalooza team and other fellow people who like the blog! Be sure to look out for the post for the website and directions and code :D Bye :P

While Woozworld Is Out..

While Woozworld's service is updating, I've put together some really cool stuff for Woozapalooza and our viewers/fans!
Woozapalooza Review 2014
Click this link!

Woozapalooza Logo!

What do you think of the new video and logo? Comment below or message me on Woozworld! (CelieLove37) You can also email us as
xoxo <3 ~CelieLove37

Monday, January 20, 2014

I am making a fashion collection!

Hey guys! This is Summer, and I'm telling you some great news! I am starting to design fashion and so I am making a collection! It will only have a few but Whatever :P Here it is :
Good or No? Please tell me what you think in the Contact form on the blog! (Please no bad thing. Only Suggestions :D) Well, that's it! Bye!

Woozworld Schedule

Woozband Events:

Woozapalooza Events:

Friday: 2000 Views Quiz/Party    -     CelieLove37


Check 'Eventz' in Woozworld to find other cool activities!

Did you know...

We now have a Contact From ( Thanks to me xD) So now you can send us messages, or questions or even suggestions on how to make our blog better! Make sure to check it out! And also check out our NEW Virtual pet, Cody the chick! He won't be here for long! Check them both out on Woozapalooza 101. That's all! bye!