Friday, January 24, 2014

Woozapalooza Quiz/Party = AMAZING! :D

Hey guys, it's me Cel!! The Woozapalooza Quiz/Party just ended, and it was a blast! I really hope you guys made it because it was SO FUN! Not only did you get to learn new things about us and the blog, but you got to come to an exclusive party if you passed the quiz! :) I hope you enjoyed it like us members of Woozapalooza did :) Here are some pics from the quiz and party! [:
The Overall Quiz Winner With us :)

Us and a Few Quiz Finishers! [:

The Quiz Unitz

Us With the Overall Winners! :D

The Party! c;

Party time! :D

We Made It On Hot Now! :P

The Quiz Begins!
Party On Hot Now! :D

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