Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Design Woozapalooza Fashion Contest

Design WP Fashion Contest!
Hello this is Cel (CelieLove37)! I am making a new contest! The idea of the contest is to design your own WP (Woozapalooza) outfit/collection! To enter, you can contact me through email, summerandcelww@gmail.com, message me on Woozworld, CelieLove37, or tell us in the Woozapalooza chat box! If you are interested, read on.

-No plagiarism/copying another woozen's design
-No inappropriate designs/words
-Must contact me to enter
-Must send me the design in email or video
-Be creative!

How to enter:
1. Tell me you entered
 -email: summerandcelww@gmail.com
 -Woozworld: CelieLove37
-Woozin: Post a video on my wall that you're entering
-Woozapalooza: Message me in the chat box

2. Send me the design
-Woozin: post a video of your design on my wall
-email: Send me the design by email

1st Place: Wooz prize + Your design used in the WP Outfitters collection + Model for collection + Article on blog
2nd Place: Wooz prize + Model for collection + article on blog
3rd Place: Model for collection + article on blog

We wish you the best of luck from Woozapalooza!
             xoxo <3 ~CelieLove37

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