Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Welcome to Woozworld, where the main currency is beex. 
Have you seen the new Woozworld update yet? It seems as if wooz and beex have switched places.. In the 'beex love' blog article, it states that BEEX is the new main currency in WOOZworld.. The features of this new update are as follows:
-You can sell items for ONLY beex at any price
-The only way to get wooz in from the Woozworld Store
-Preztige has been adjusted so you can level up quicker
-In shopz you can choose to buy items for beex OR wooz
-You can buy exclusive items with wooz
-You have to be a certain level to wear things you bought with beex but you can still sell them 
-If you buy an item with wooz you can wear it no matter what level you are
-You can sell things for free :D
Here are some pics of the new update:
Shop Podz Update

Shopz Update
Choice of Beex or Wooz

Beex Love Blog 

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