Friday, January 24, 2014


Announcement: THERE IS NOW A NEW TEAM ON WOOZWORLD! Well, kind of team xD WE ARE THE GEEK SQUAD! We help woozens and we protect their rights! We do not let bigger teams ( Ducky Team) Squash and bully others! We help out woozens, and are about fun! We do the right things but are not perfect which makes us Geeks, (Great, Excellent, Elite, Kids) Please Contact Me, (nekole) or Cel (CelieLove37) To join the Geek Squad! You DO NOT have to have talent, unlike what Lat makes you have to have to be on the Ducky Team. You also DO NOT have to be famous! Just be you and be a great person and we will invite you on the squad! Wear GEEK SWEATER to support! You can also wear LOVE SHIRT and MOO MOOS to support us as well! Support the Squad that doesn't require you to be perfect. Support a Geek. Be a Geek. We are all Geek Squad.

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