Friday, October 24, 2014

Infinity In Future Woozworld?

Hey guys, it's me Celia and today I want to talk about Infinity in future Woozworld. If you don't know what Infinity is it is basically just like  Disney/Pixar  games and toys.
You may recognize some of your favorite Disney/Pixar characters from this picture. For example, you may recognize these characters from the shows/movies: Monsters Inc/University, the Incredibles, Phineas and Ferb, Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc. 

So what do you think about Infinity coming to Woozworld? What characters would you want to see?
Just so you know, when Woozworld forms a partnership with companies such as this one, it is to help advertise the brand, and for Woozworld to make money. :P

I'll see you next time.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Woozworld Zombeardtosis Cure Ingredients Unitz Key

Hey guys, it's me Celia. Today I will be sharing the unitz that hold the secret ingredients to the Zombeardtosis cure. I hope this helps! ;)
These are the 5 items you need to find:

1. Witch's Lair (Mysterious Mushrooms)
2. Haunted Land (Golden Yeti Hair)
3. Scary Ball Hall (Albino Toad)
4. Bali Vila (Rainbow Gemz)
5. Venice (Melted Chockolien)

Next all you have to do is restart! Then your cured! Plus, with this cure you can change clothes and go offline :D! You can still be infected again though, you have to buy the vaccine from the Ww Store to be immune -.-

I hope this helped,

Saturday, October 18, 2014

LPS In Woozworld?

Hey guys, it's me Celia, back with another exclusive post! Today I want to discuss another future partner/game that Woozworld may bring to Woozworld, Littlest Pet Shop.

I think that is LPS comes to Woozworld, it will be all about Woopetz. But, It will also be based upon the new LPS TV show. I think that LPS is actually quite childish though, and is not something of my interest... But for those of you who like it, then you may get to meet Bylthe from the LPS TV show!

Do you see the similarity? This Woozworld character is obviously Bylthe (sorry if I am spelling it wrong) from Littlest Pet Shop.
What do YOU think?
That's all for today guys!
I'll see you next time c:

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Hey guys, it's me Celia! Today I want to discuss a new thing Woozworld has introduced: #PopWooz. Basically, Woozworld is trying to bring all of the latest real life trends to Woozworld.
In the post made on WoozNewz, it states that this weekend from Friday to Monday, trendy items will be put into Shopz under the tab "PopWooz". Honestly, this just sounds like a repeat of Fashion Friday to me. MyaWooz also posted on Woozin that is has to do something with Weddings.
(Tap or click the picture for it to enlarge)
I am actually excited for this. I hope Woozworld makes new trendy outfits though D: ORRR add really cute old clothes c:!
That's all for now!
What do YOU want to see for #PopWooz?
Also, did you realize that in the Ww News, it says "#nofilter"
Do you think it means there will be no more filter on Woozworld? :O! I'll see you guys next time, Bye!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Future New Collectiblez + Kick Out Button?

Hey guys! It's me Celia, and today I am back with another exclusive post! :D The first thing I want to show you is possible future collectibles...
These collectibles sort of look like different things on MineCraft. I think they are different types or ores and thing you can mine. It may not have to do with MineCraft, but it looks like these collectibles are different types of rock. The blue is diamond, the gold is gold, the silver is iron. What do you think these  collectibles will be for if they come to Woozworld? 

The next thing I want to discuss is a kick-out button for Woozworld. In one of Woozworld's videos (I posted it on here last month) there was a part where the person scrolls over an icon titled "Kick Out".
The button is a foot kicking with a little splatter thing behind it. 
Do you think Woozworld might add a kick-out of unit button for us?
I honestly think no. I think this button is a feature only animators and mods have and that is how they kick us out of events. What do you think?
That's all for today xD
What do you think about these possible Woozworld features?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Ever After High + Mods

Hey guys! It's me Celia and today I will be talking about Woozworld's new partnership, Ever After High and possibly an uncovered Woozworld secret. Lol. As you may have seen, a few days ago an Ever After High sign appeared in Woozen Quests. But, what you probably didn't know is that clues were dropped about Ever After High coming to Woozworld quite a while ago in February. Back in February, a mod was seen wearing this outfit:
The outfit she is wearing is Apple White's costume from Ever After High. 
This is Apple White:
See? Do you think that this means that the "Exclusive Mod Outfits" that we see mods wearing are future companies coming to Woozworld, or future outfits? 
Look at the hair MOD210 is wearing. This is not a hair that has not been for sale in Woozworld. Also, what if the "Mod Faces" are future faces for us?
When I clicked on MOD210's profile, the outfit does not show. Is Woozworld trying to hide a secret so we don't figure out the future outfits or partnerships in Woozworld?  
What do you think? 
Are the mod outfits of today our outfits of tomorrow?
I'll see you guys next time with an exclusive post :D!

Awesome outfits for fall!

Hey guys! It's me Summer and I know I haven't posted in a long long time. Anyways, today I wanted to post some great autumn outfits using a few items from #FashionFriday as well ;) I will be showing you the outfit and telling you the details of the outfit like the names of the items and stuff like that. Well shall I go on, I shall not!:

Outfit  1:

Hair: Cute Fall Bangs with Beanie
Top: Pixel Sweater
Legs: Slim Jeans
Shoes: Guy's Tommys
Overall Comment: I like this outfit! If it wasn't for the Zombeardtosis I would wear it more often!

Outfit 2: 

Hair: Emilous Hair
Top: Woozmas Sweater
Leg: Galaxy Leggings
Shoes: Funky Kicks
Overall Comment: I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! 

Outfit 3: 
Hair: Spartan Hair
Top: Skull Argyle Sweater
Leg: Action Costume Girl Pants
Overall Comment: I like this outfit so much I'm wearing it right now haha!
I hope you guys all like this post and decide to try out these outfits yourself! If you do write a post on my Woozin and I will feature you on the side of the blog! XOXO Summer
New sign off pic I hope you like XOXO

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Woozworld Cheats and Glitches! :3

Heeeeey Guyssss! It's me Celia. Today I will be showing you some Woozworld cheats and glitches. Some of these are common, and some are not. I hope this post helps! You can visit the "Cheats and Glitches" page of the blog too.


  1. Go down to chat box on Woozworld
  2. Type in: /moonwalk
  3. Click a space to walk to
  4. CONGRATZ! You have now learned how to do the moonwalk on Woozworld.

  1. Click the arrow keys 'up up down down left right left right'
  2. Type in 'ba' in the Woozworld chat bar
  3. CONGRATZ! You have now learned how to throw fireballs in Woozworld.

  1. Put a teleport tile in your unitz
  2. Edit the destination to where you would like to teleport
  3. Dance and click the tile at the same time
  4. After you stopped dancing, click the tile again
  5. CONGRATZ! You have now learned how to teleport on Woozworld.
Pc Cheat:
  1. Go on pc (private chat)
  2. Click the chat box in pc
  3. Type in: /t then the person's ENTIRE username that you want to pc
  4. Type in your message
  5. Press Enter
/t CelieLove37 Hey
CONGRATZ! You have now learned the pc cheat on Woozworld.

Walk Diagonal:

  1. Put a teleport tile in your unitz and set the destination straight ahead from the tile. Make sure it is a good distance away, and in a straight line away from the teleport tile.
  2. Go stand on the destination spot, and click the tile.
  3. While you are moving, do the 'Touchdown' movez.
  4. Click on the teleport tile again, you will walk to the tile sideways.
  5. CONGRATZ! You have now learned how to walk sideways on Woozworld.
Walk Sideways:

  1. Put a teleport tile in your unitz and set the destination straight ahead from the tile. Make sure it is a good distance away, and in a straight line away from the teleport tile.
  2. Go stand on the destination spot, and click the tile.
  3. While you are moving, do the 'Bounce Bounce' movez.
  4. Click on the teleport tile again, you will walk to the tile sideways.
  5. CONGRATZ! You have now learned how to walk sideways on Woozworld.
Turn Your Unitz Upside-down:
  1. Go on Google Chrome.
  2. Log onto Woozworld.
  3. Go into your unitz.
  4. Move your mouse/cursor to the bottom of the page. You should see a little double sided arrow.
  5. Click your mouse/cursor and draw the page up slowly. Once you drag it up very close to the top but just enough to still see your unitz, the unitz will flip upside down.
  6. Click the camera icon on Woozworld and take a picture to impress people!
  7. CONGRATZ! You have now learned how to make your unitz look upside down in Woozworld.
Get a FREE Unitz:
  1. Go to the 'Ballroom' unitz in Woozworld.
  2. Click on the locked heart on the wall.
  3. Type in max&jenny2gether4ever
  4. CONGRATZ! You have received a free heart-shaped unitz.
Repeating Movez/Spellz:
  1. Open your inventory and actions bar
  2. Click any move OR spellz.
  3. In your inventory, quickly click on a clothing item. You can click 2 identical items if you want to make it look like you aren't changing clothes.
  4. Your woozen should keep repeating the move or spell. This works best on spells because you only have a limited amount of them. Keep clicking each item and wearing it for your woozen to repeat the movez or spellz.
  5. CONGRATZ! You have now learned how to repeat a move or spell on Woozworld!
I hope this post was useful xD. If you want to learn how to do any other things on Woozworld, or any quest answer type things, just comment below or tell us in the shout box.

Thanks for reading! xD
P.S. If you are trying to find a certain subject, search it in the search bar in the sidebar of the blog xD.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


AHHHHHH!!!! Today I logged on to Woozworld, went to my tent, and found my woozen like this:
I was like, "WHAT THE...!!!" Then, I read this: 
They said there was no cure, but in reality there is.
All you have to do is:
1. Eat Jelly
2. Drink Water
It's that simple! So if you are tired of carrying the virus "Zombeardtosis",  then just eat jelly then drink water. xD. After I did that, I changed back to normal and hid in my house, away from all the zombies.

Also, DO NOT CHANGE CLOTHES WHILE HUMAN!!!!! It changes you into a zombie. 
After figuring that out, I went to get cured and zombies kept attacking me! If you are within 3 squares of a zombie, you catch the virus. I learned that the hard way... 
I even tried to go to "Zombie Safe-Houses" to try and get away from the infected woozens, but the placed were already infested. SO, I decided to make my own :D

It was pretty fun for a while, partying ZOMBIE FREE. But then this girl put some spell on me and infected me, so I had to restart and get the cure.. Lol.
But, my tips for if you don't want to get Zombeardtosis is just to stay in your unitz or go to a reliable Safe House (Like mine, not to be too self assured or braggy) xD.  I actually got on the top of Hot Now though, so I was pretty happy. Try creating your own safe house and invited your non-zombie friends!
That's all for now guys,
have a nice zombie-free or zombie-full night!
Haha, I haven't used this sign off in like... FOREVER! 
(Ok, maybe I have... but not for a while! :P)

New Icon

Heyyyyy Guuuyyssss! It's me Celia once again :P. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, there honestly isn't an excuse, unless my internet not working counts xD. I will make sure to post about Woozworld soon. But, today's topic is my new Youtube icon :D So, remember how last time when I was like really proud of the picture I drew? Well now I love this one even more! Especially the pastel colors and gradient background. The old picture I actually don't even like anymore.
I know this probably doesn't fall under all of your interests, so I decided to try making this post a little  more interesting by showing the different stages of this "illustration".
1. Sketching
2. Inking

3. Coloring
Out of all the stages, I like the inking part the best. Not just only doing the outlining, but also the picture. I guess I just like how you can imagine what the character looks like because it isn't colored in. Overall I honestly am really proud of this picture..
That's all for today.. xD
Sorry that it isn't about Woozworld, I will make sure to do a ''Formal'' Woozworld post next time. Lol
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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Left Hand Drawing Challenge! (7th Video)

Hey guys, it's me Celia! :D So I made another new weekly video today (a day late, sorry :c). In this video I am doing the left hand drawing challenge xD. It was actually SUPER hard to draw with my left hand. So pretty much I drew one picture with my right hand, then tried to draw the same one with my left hand. CLICK HERE TO WATCH MY NEW VIDEO! :D 
Here is the final comparison of the 2 pictures:
LOL! I definitely need more practice with my right hand. 
What should I do for my video next week? :P
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Friday, October 3, 2014

Blog Updates! :D

Heeey Guyyys! It's me Celia. As you can see, the topic of today's post is Blog Updates.
So yeah, I made a new header and theme :P. Credit goes to Summer for the spider web background!
So what do you think about the new header?
I think it looks pretty cool, but also spooky. But that's what Halloween is all about, right? Comment below or post in chat box what YOU think!
That's all for now, you can scroll down to
 read more useful posts xD.
Oh, I forgot, Summer, I, and a few other friends are going to a roller coaster park today, YAY!! :D It is the first day of Fright Fest there. 
P.S. How would you feel about a Fright Fest (Spookapalooza) on this blog?


Hey guys, it's me Celia. Today I am here on the topic of "Pre-Halloween" As of today, Woozworld has released a new Pre-Halloween clothing line. Check it out!

Even though that it is pretty obvious that these outfits were edited from old ones, they are still adorable! Which one do you like this most, Pumpkie, Kattitude, Pumpbro, or Katastrophe?
If I could pick one boy and one girl outfit out of this collection, I would choose Kattitude and Katastrophe. How about you?

They also added previous Halloween furniture and unitz to Shopz. 
Check out Woozworld's Store and Shopz to get your new Pre-Halloween furniture, unitz, and clothes!

That's all for now :D,

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy October! :)

Hello everyone, it's me Celia. Happy 1st day of October! :D Here is a little autumn poem for the occasion:
What will you be up to this fall? Now that the weather has cooled down, there are plenty of things you can do that don't wear you out as badly. For example, my friends and I will be going to a theme park on Friday. I can't wait :D. Also, Halloween is only 1 month away c:! What are you going to be for Halloween? I'm not sure yet what I will dress up as.. lol. I will probably just do something simple.  The thing I am mainly thinking about is all the cool fall themed drawing I can do :D! I already made one.. :o

What do you think? :P The color looks better in real life. But there you go.
Happy October!
(P.S. No copying posts!)