Monday, October 13, 2014

Awesome outfits for fall!

Hey guys! It's me Summer and I know I haven't posted in a long long time. Anyways, today I wanted to post some great autumn outfits using a few items from #FashionFriday as well ;) I will be showing you the outfit and telling you the details of the outfit like the names of the items and stuff like that. Well shall I go on, I shall not!:

Outfit  1:

Hair: Cute Fall Bangs with Beanie
Top: Pixel Sweater
Legs: Slim Jeans
Shoes: Guy's Tommys
Overall Comment: I like this outfit! If it wasn't for the Zombeardtosis I would wear it more often!

Outfit 2: 

Hair: Emilous Hair
Top: Woozmas Sweater
Leg: Galaxy Leggings
Shoes: Funky Kicks
Overall Comment: I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! 

Outfit 3: 
Hair: Spartan Hair
Top: Skull Argyle Sweater
Leg: Action Costume Girl Pants
Overall Comment: I like this outfit so much I'm wearing it right now haha!
I hope you guys all like this post and decide to try out these outfits yourself! If you do write a post on my Woozin and I will feature you on the side of the blog! XOXO Summer
New sign off pic I hope you like XOXO

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