Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Future New Collectiblez + Kick Out Button?

Hey guys! It's me Celia, and today I am back with another exclusive post! :D The first thing I want to show you is possible future collectibles...
These collectibles sort of look like different things on MineCraft. I think they are different types or ores and thing you can mine. It may not have to do with MineCraft, but it looks like these collectibles are different types of rock. The blue is diamond, the gold is gold, the silver is iron. What do you think these  collectibles will be for if they come to Woozworld? 

The next thing I want to discuss is a kick-out button for Woozworld. In one of Woozworld's videos (I posted it on here last month) there was a part where the person scrolls over an icon titled "Kick Out".
The button is a foot kicking with a little splatter thing behind it. 
Do you think Woozworld might add a kick-out of unit button for us?
I honestly think no. I think this button is a feature only animators and mods have and that is how they kick us out of events. What do you think?
That's all for today xD
What do you think about these possible Woozworld features?

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