Saturday, May 31, 2014


Bullies, Bullies, Bullies! Its like the whole world is filled with them.
Hey guys carly here, and i was just thinking of doing a bullying post since that is like the number 1 problem in Ww. Im pretty sure everyone has bullied at least ONCE in there life. Im not saying You are bad xP no, im sure saying we have all said some mean or rude things to people, but we really dont know how it can affect them. Some lead to cutting, Some straight to suicide.Thats why we should be extra careful, and watch what we say. Heres an huge example, Note: This did happen in reality:
Im sure some of you might have heard of Amanda Todd? She was a teenager when she commit suicide. She even made a video about it on youtube (link later in the post, Also the girl with the cards is NOT her its just some girl telling the story) So she was just on the internet and this guy asked her to show some inappropriate parts, and she did. Thats where her mistake was..She should have not done that. If she didnt, she might still be living. So after a few weeks the guy found out her location, her friends, everything. rumors started to fill the school and everyone hated her. They decided to move somewhere else and they did. Amanda then went to a different school but the guy found out her location everything once again, everyone was really mean to her. One girl even punched her and some groups beat her up and when her dad found her she was in a ditch. The police even came to her house with the photos that she showed the guy. She just could not take it. With all her friends,and everyone hating her..........She decided to suicide. She hanged herself. I think she even cut before that. This was in 2012 around Christmas, or November Long time ago. a few weeks before, they passed something in court i think related to amanda. She made a wrong decision, but what the bully did was not right either. I hope that person regrets it...........I felt really bad for her. See what bullies can do. This may not be from words its from actions but even words can affect someone. R.I.P A.T
Video link: I might have missed some parts in the story but the video tells it all, Again the girl is NOT amanda i think just a friend. But the story really is something to be heard. Please watch if you can..
End to all the bullies!
Thats it for now!
Bye guys!

                                    nEW SIGN OUT PIC! BOOM. XP Lol sorta dark i know but i think its cool xP

small post

I now I don't post much but school is almost out and ill be posting a lot more if I can think of anything lol.

Quick post.

Yeah I know I haven't been posting for a while. Sorry!!! It's the end of the year so teachers try to cram in every new thing, every test, and every piece of homework before school gets out. The good thing is I only have one day of school left so that means it will just be a fun day! But the even better thing is that after school gets out I can post everyday! ( Insert Happy Dance) But, I already have a post planned that I will share on Tuesday, June 3rd and Its about the app and other things. A very detailed look at it for the folks who can't get the app. But that's about it! Byeeeeeeee

Friday, May 30, 2014

Busy :(

Hey guys!Sorry I haven't post for a really long time!I am really busy with school & especially Cel,I am really sorry for not posting much.I will be posting as usual while i'm free.


Thursday, May 29, 2014


 Hey guys, so have you guys noticed the new outfits? ;o ;o ;o ( i know cel already got some info but im just gonna go over it a lil.) They are really cute! :3 and i totally love the heartva one is really cute the hair is just like wow. adorable. and the dress it looks great with the hair, on the other hand the other outfit looks nice too. i dont really like how the dress is made up that well but with the Whole outfit it looks great  and the small hair is just really cute xD i think the designer has done its job so big round of applause for that! xo The prices also seem reasonable. the last offer is really good, they could have made it a bit cheaper like $15.00 maybe less but i guess since the problem we have had they wanted to just get some more money to power stuff up. anyways. these outfits really do say that everyone has style. so i say they should have these kind of designing things more. xo
 So have you guys heard of the new unit design contest, it says quite and few things. heres the link to go to it:
I think they sorta lieing at the fame thing though....Lol. so yea. there will be 3 finals and they will be picked from the english version or whatsoever xD french version and i think the itilian version if im correct. if my spelling off dont mind that im just really lazy. anyways thats all for today.
Bye guys!

New UGO/UCC (Flowerva/Heartva) Outfits! xD

First thing I have to say... Why would anyone EVER name a stylish collection UGO and UCC? It sounds like a slang for ugly xD. And these outfits are NOT ugly! Actually, I love them.. o.0 But, only for one reason, and that is.. IT REMINDS ME OF ANIME STYLE! :P Sorry, I can't help myself. I love the style of anime and manga. But never mind that xD. So you can buy these outfits in the Woozworld Store. Btw, these are girls outfits only.
Lol it's funny how the bonus pack is called "The Eva Pack". Obviously these are the Woozen designed outfits for Eva! I thought last week's outfits were but I guess I was wrong. So yeah.. new outfits XD. The Heartva UCC collection and the Flowerva UGO collection. Buy them now in the Woozworld store!
I look like I'm an anime character ;). Jumped right off the screen! XD These outfits will probably end up being rare some day lololol they are really cute.. :/

kkthxbye.. OMG DID I SAY IT RIGHT?
Please inform me.. .. I'm not really up to date with this sorta stuffs.
Hehe old signoff. -Cel

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Long time no seen

Hello everyone,It's me Angeline and sorry for long time no seen xP ! And now I want to post here,just i didn't really know what to write in here but now i kinda realised what it to be.The new Woozworld with any updates is my theme for today or let's call it topic !I really don't understand the new woozworld 'updates'!
This game is changing every single day and we -the woozens can't do anything to let it back.So that's so bad because the animators said that they really want the old game back ,but It's impossible to get it back because they are not allowed T.T.So that's the worst part ever and ther new collections attended in it,they are just amazing as we all think ,I thought they won't do new right now ,because It was friday and still nothing,but they made amazing clothes which inspired me to write this!C:
It's awesome,except the hair (cute and sweet),but little strange and shoes little ugly ,xD !
But anything in this outfit is very cool and i really really adore the style and perfectness in it!
So now I decided to do a lil' review on this outfit (Cel don't be angry).I saw that and Summer made onew review on outfit,so I'll too make with colorable one-I don't want to color it still ,because I want to amaze and inspire myself!

So the review is here!!!!! :

For the outfit:It's a cute special outfit bowed with shine and superness.It can be casual ,but and for special events like anything,except weddings.This outfit's colorable colors are amazingly done with coolness.Everywhere is a good place for that outfit it's like 2 in 1 and sometimes 1.

Ok that's it from me.

Bye now girls and boys ,amazing woozers,haters and others.But I'm not sure there is haters thou ,because this blog is amazing and I love it <3 <3!

-xoxo Angeline-('Everything can be better if you were magician,but the only magician here is your life who follows you with magic wand everywhere!')

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Long Time No See

Hello Woozaplazers:) I know i have not posted in a while, It is cause I've been busy and school just ended. I also have to pack for my camp trip. I'm leaving tomorrow, And getting back on Friday. So i'll miss you guys. But, i'll try to have fun:) But Schools Out. Now I'm Going Into Junior High:) I'm So Nervous. Well, I Was Currently My Main Color Was Yellow, Now It's Maroon. So yea. I Dont know what to else say, So ill try to make a new edit. Bye!!:)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hollyxooz And Eva.
Hey guys! Carly the awesome here ;o No? Ok :(
So as you all may have noticed new outfits are out! 
i think they were basically made for that contest we had back a few weeks about making a new clothes line, well i like the dress xD but i think the girls hair is just a tad bit weird But i like the highlights xD the boys outfit is ok. They were basically for the 'future' if you guys remember about our friends Eva and Fil, To me really the new outfits sorta look robot-ie o_o Like the dress looks stiff.and the boys just looks like some commanding thing, but i think the woozen has done its job nicely. Another thing i noticed was that Hollyxooz is really a boy o_O that was kinda weird, everyone thought 'he' was a 'she' but its a 'he' o_o Woow i didnt know boys had good taste in girls dresses hmm? ;)
Moving on So i found something totally weird and odd about our friend eva o_o
As i was scrolling down woozin, i noticed a post witch was weird o_o
hehe you got on this post zyndea ;) o_o Ok anyways. So yea i was like what o_o at first i was confused what does she mean by the 'blog thing' Then i thought it could be the new post? So i went over and i sorta understood what and why she said that o_o
I circled it, And as you can see eva is in the boy pose o_o Ladies are in the pose when they have one hand on the hip and one straight down, and boys have the exact pose that eva has on. I never really noticed that error much? Unless they made eva onto a boy avatar o_o I never really paid much attention to it really, even the events i think she was in the girl pose.......;o THINK im not sure o_o And blah blah blah blah blah
I also heard some of you guys are out of school ;o Lucky sports, i still have a month and 6 days .-. Great....
I cant wait for summer how about you? ;)
Over and out, Carly <3
                                       Ok i need a new sign off picture -.-' this one getting old...


HollyXooz, App, and more!

Heh..heh..heh.. Well.... A new  collectiblez constest is in Woozworld now. They are these little iPads with a Woozworld hologram coming out.
If you are on the Woozworld app you can collect them automatically, but on the computer version of Woozworld you have to buy the HollyXooz Visor from Shopz. 
There are also new HollyXooz outfits in the Woozworld Store. These are the outfits that woozens entered in to "help Eva feel welcome". So obviously, these outfits are designed by a woozen. These outfits are supposed to be based on the future so I'm sort of scared to see what kind of clothes my kids would be wearing XDD (if I even have kids rofl). 
Btw, don't think for one second that Woozworld would allow future outfits without having a reason right?! Of course, the Woozworld App has arrived! 
When you log onto the app you can also get free exclusive gifts. But, only from May 27th to May 31st. All you have to do is log into the app, go to the app unit, and click on the little chest to get your prizes. Here's a little more of explanatory directions that Woozworld sent me in a message (the message was too big to take a picture of so I copied and pasted xD. If you made it onthe app list thing then you should get this message too):
Hi CelieLove37,

It's finally here! The Woozworld App is now available in the iTunes App Store for all iOS 7 devices!

Put the WHOLE World in your pocket and connect with your friends when you want, where you want! 

To celebrate the Woozworld App, every day from May 27th 2014 to May 31st you will be able to get a FREE gift! Follow these steps to receive your FREE gift!

1) Download the Woozworld App
2) Login everyday with your current Woozworld account on the Woozworld App
3) Enter the world section and search for the Exclusive Woozworld App Lounge
4) Click the reward podz there to receive your gift

You don’t want to miss the exclusive gifts… or Wooz ;)

The Woozband

Here's the unit you have to go to:
Exclusive Woozworld App Lounge

That's all for today, folks. OKAY NO, FOLKS DOESN'T WORK! XD But anyway..
BYEEE! XD If you want more info about the App and what it's like, message Nekole or CelieLove37 on Woozworld.
I don't actually have a device to download the app on though.
I haven't even logged onto it yet. But Summer said I might be able to log in on her phone. So you should probably just message "Nekole" on Woozworld to learn more about the app. xD
P.S. Got new chickens! Named em Nugget, Dumpling, and Pox

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Woozworld App Is Out Already!

The Woozworld app has come out on the App Store already! Guess the timer was wrong! Go ahead and download it now! It looks weird (No Offense). The way woozens stand and how the format of the app is weird.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Hey guys so im not going to talk so much today but i found some things out, i have been talking to the new ceo and cfo they are awesome :D xD i didnt get to talk to the ceo too much but had a blast with the cfo shes really nice and i asked her some questions about the 'hacked' problem i dont wanna make this post so long cause there is a lot of answers i got but its pretty cool. 
 So if you have any questions message me on Ww on Clary-got-swag- It might be a bit hard to find me but thats life xD If you still wanna ask me search me up on face book ;) on Clary Wooz i have a picture of a anime. Make sure you add the right one. my other one got hacked yesterday...Heres the link though: So yup.

Oh la la New bio :P Cactus stuff be going on o.o i wonder how jenny feels ;o i only like one thing from this bio collection the hair and the blouse. Its sorta weird meaning by what hair im talking about o.o im talking about the side braid something hair with the too roses in the hair on the side it looks niiiicee X) xD. So that really wraps everything up for today

Keep safe dollys <3
Carly :3

Oh cheeeeeeeeeeeeeek out my newww piicccccc ;o ;o ;o
And a small poem ;o yes? 
Byee guys :3

Friday, May 16, 2014

Woozworld App Trail Blazer

Did you guys make it on the list for the Woozworld App? I just received a message from the Woozband that I made it and received this new title and badge called "Woozworld App Trail Blazer". The official date that the app is being released is May 22nd, but you probably already know that. So I just wanted to show you what the badge and title look like for "Woozworld App Trail Blazer" since I already posted all the app info in my last post. So if you want to learn more about that just scroll down. Anyway here's the message I got:
Yeah, it's just a pretty basic message lol. But at least I got the title and badge. Here's what those look like:
I think it looks pretty cool. lol. The badge (yesss I finally figured out the word for the picture that goes with your title) looks pretty cool. 
Cya Later ;)
Gtg now xD


   Get this.. I log onto Woozworld after being grounded for the week.. BOOM! Updates, updates, UPDATES!!! I haven't seen this many updates on Woozworld since Woozin and preztige arrived. Here's a list of everything that was updated:
  • Zechic has been added to Shopz. Rare items are for sale only 300 wooz each!
New BIO has been added to Shopz. I guess Max's whole "Cactus Farm" thing was ligit. You can either grow roses of love or cactuses of spite, and receive awesome exclusive items.

  • The icons at the bottom of your page have been enlarged and some have even been changed! The Shopz button is an orange bag just like on the Woozworld App.The inventory button was changed to shelves. The marketplace button is now different colors. The message button was changed also. It's now a white envelope.
The inventory and profile have been changed. In your inventory the bubbles that contain your items are enlarged so less items show on one page. Your profile.. well.. just look. Your woozen is standing on some sort of platform! And when you click other woozen's profiles it is way different with your title and prestige on a little bar with preztige logos and an achievement trophy that matches your title. Your status as a speech bubble! :O

The Woozworld App releasing has been announced. May 22nd. DARN IT! I GUESS MAY 23rd, UGH! xD One day off.. On the log in page there is a countdown till the app is released. Anyway, there is also a new exclusive item preview that you get when you log onto the app. There also might be a NEW EMO that turns your face blue!

Pretty cool updates in my opinion. I like how the icons are bigger so people can see them better if they have small screens. I am SOOOO happy that Zechic was finally updated, and it is much better in Shopz so then anyone can see the VIP items. Plus I am getting allowance this week so I'm going to get VIP instead :). xD What do you guys think of the updates and possible new emo? Tell us in the chatbox or comments if you want xD.
Byee! But before I log off, I found this hilarious quote in a drawing advice video. Wait for it... "Draw your soul spaggetti," 
Just so you know, it isn't funny unless you say it in Mark Crilley's voice. If you want to hear him say it, go on Youtube and search "markcrilley drawing advice". 
Bye!! xD 
This is Cel, signing off.

Woozworld is getting more hacked everywhere

Hey anyone,your favourite writer here ( i guess Angeline) lol!
I'm here to show you the latest news about Woozworld,like the hacked Woozworld which i call Hackworld!
Anything is hacked,you can buy fashionista hair,pixel bow bun hair,ms romance things,the new oufit and even styllish ballerina hair(in ugly colors)!
Anything now in this game is hacked and tbh i hate it ,because now we live in a world which anything can be got by the easy way which is very bad!
Idk what will happen to Hackworld (Woozworld) and the new CEO .
I have forecast which is showing that it will dissapear in very very early.
So guys be aware of any hackers or hacked stuff and if something can not be deleted ,means it's hacked !
If you want to buy hacked things you need to : aware
2.NEVER wear them
3.NEVER go to full unitz
4.NEVER go to Woozen quests
5.NEVER go to empty unitz
6.TRANSFER the stuff to poor accounts as early and possible as you can or else you will loose anything or will get banned!

And remember ,beware of anything BAD in Woozworld,or else you'll get part of banning story LOOL!

Bye now

-xoxo Angeline('The real life never allows you to be yourself,it teaches you to watch others,their mistakes,and fell into your own trap')

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Shopz be back ;o

Hey guys! Carly here :3
Today's post will just be a small one cause i'm totally smoking hot here .-. its really hot. feels like summer really. like Wow. the heat u-u im so like tired and lazy. Wow. Anyways. ok.
So if you been on woozworld recently you might have noticed that shopz has went back to the regular prices ;o Its good. Those killer prices were killing me off. I think because no one was buying it since they were real expensive. so they decided to change them back to there normal prices, witch is good. the prices they had before were just unbelievable but now they seem accurate take a look.

Much better c; 
Yes? :3
anyways im getting sick of listening to spells on Ww -.- Im at some drama place :P 'drama' Ha.Ha. Anyways. G2gz
Byee :3

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Summertime Woozlympics :)

   For those of you who don't know, the Summertime Woozlympics are arriving! ;o You may be thinking, "Pshh, yeah right. The Woozlympics were in wintertime." Yes, I know they were in the winter. Those were the Winter Woozlympics. I'm talking about the Summer Woozlympics. It seems as though Woozworld isn't making these summer events as formal though. There was no announcement that the Woozlympics were returning. But on the Woozworld schedule, the events are different sports such as swimming and kayaking. Last week's swimming unitz even said Woozlympics. So now that these informal Woozlympics are here, what other things will be arriving in Woozworld?
Short post c; Hehe
kkthxbye- Cel
(rofl did I say that thing right?)


Monday, May 12, 2014

New Schedule(I'll be posting) Also just saying hey

Ok, my new schedule for posting will probably make me a little more organized(; So it will be every Monday and Thursdays!! :) Next thing is the new outfits, they are so
I really wish i had them. But i dont. Well i have to go, see yea later.

Spar Outfit Review! ;)

Bonjour! Je' mappelle Cel! xD (Hello, my name is Cel! xD) Today I'm back with another outfit review. This time it's the "Spar Collection."

Name: Spar Hair
Review: A cute hair pulled up into a simple messy bun. I LOVE this hair! It is so cute in my opinion.. At least from the front. The back of the hair looks sort of funny xD.

Name: Spar Cardigan 
Review: A short shirt/tank top with a casual jacket plus necklaces. This shirt is pretty cute.. But the shirt under the jacket looks like the crop tops. Still cute though! :D

Name: Spar Jeans
Review: A cute pair of jeans with stars printed on them. I like these pants and think they go great with the outfit. I am soo happy that Woozworld decided to make jeans instead of skirts!! YAY! I can't wait till summer collections start to come out so then they will have shorts.


Name: Spar Boots
Review: A pair of ankle-high boots with socks that have stars on them. I only have one thing to say about these shoes.. They are boring!!!!!! I mean sure they may match the outfit but honestly they don't even go along that well. In my opinion they're an eye sore.D:

Full Outfit:
Name: Spar Collection
Review: This outfit is a casual yet cute outfit that revolves are stars. I think it is super cute and great for spring time!

Sorry the top of the bun got cut off, the preztige level sign was blocking it :P. Oh by the way, do you guys like the new cover/header photo? :D ALL READY FOR SUMMERTIME! XD Au revoir! (bye)

That's all for now ;)