Saturday, May 3, 2014

2X The Fun Today. :)

Hello, :) So all week i've been extremely busy so today there will be 2 posts from me. But the second one after 'The world biggest soccer game' EVER!! I am so excited. So now on to the main topics:) Ok If you are are friends with me on woozworld you would now i have 20 beex sale,if not please go check it out. I am doing free after all of its gone, free is very AWESOME. :) The other day, i leveled up to 20. So now i will look like a decent person. Yes, my new color or theme i should say is, YELLOW. I'm so happy i can look like I'm fresh and always happy. C: Also the good thing about level 20, i don't feel like I'm a begger. So thats all for right now, I'll see ya later, LITERALLEY.

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