Friday, July 31, 2015

ZackWooz gone evil?!

Hey guys o3o. Bleaty here. Today, as you know, the Find ZackWooz mission was over.But after collecting the passport stamp in Egypt, we had to go find Zack's secret hideout.(Just look on Hot Now, it's Mt.Everest T_T)

When you get there, there's a large blue tube that you can just click. You''ll then have a little convo with ZackAttack xDD

Photos I actually took lmao:


Then Zeena crashes in and says stuff like goo goo ga ga for all I know O_o   They both leave to another tube, so obviously follow them.

Apparently Jenny's real name is actually Jennifer o.o You learn something new every day!
The gentlemen we all knew,has now turned back to kount von klokz.

But something he said caught my eye."You will all know what kountvonklokz is made of,in time.' Could this be the return of timekeeperz xDD

                                                            Then Zack sets off a 'fake' -cough- self-destruct person O_O


While all the woozband evacuated I decided to stay back a while and check out the unitz xD It seems as though Zack is trying to make zombiz.I also noticed there were 3 tanks. 2 had zombiz,and 1 was empty/broken. Woozworld may be attacked again,but it might not be zombiz this time...


Well that's all for today, hopefully you didn't do too much reading xD Until next time, we will have to wait and see, what Zack  Kountvonklokz, has in store for us.

Bleaty signing out!


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Woozworld Fashion Contest TIPS!

Hey guys o3o. Bleaty here. Normally I would talk about News on Woozworld,but there really isn't anything new happening so I decided to give you guys some tips,on how to be successful in Mya's fashion contests!

1.) Be unique! Everyone knows an original is better than a copy. I'm not saying you can't be inspired by others,but just remember to always add your own little to your design :)

2.) DO.NOT.STEAL.OTHER.PEOPLE'S.WORK. Okay this has to be the 2nd time this has happened. Apparently,a finalist stole some of Penny's design. Doing this will ruin your chances of becoming a finalist again,and ruins friendships on woozworld sometimes.

3.) Add the right amount of detail. It's like the saying: If you put little salt on your food,it doesn't taste that great,if you put too much salt on your food,it ruins the whole thing. Use cool designs on your outfit to make it stand out. If you already put allot of detail on 1 item, maybe put only 1 or 2 things on the next item to even out everything.

4.) Make it neat. It's totally fine if the outfit doesn't look like perfection,but if it's just blobs of paint everywhere,I don't think the outfit will actually show. It's also good the add shading,and outlining to your items.

5.) Follow the theme! Don't make a spring-type of outfit if the theme is winter bye.

6.) Take your time. If you rush your outfit,it will show.You should be taking your time on every detail,to make it look like you really put effort into the outfit. The only time you SHOULD Rush,is when the deadline is like in an hour xD

7.) Be a good sport!! We were created to make mistakes,not be perfect. Everyone does,and will fail at least once. Knowing that you will fail sometimes, is helpful because some people get really mad and just quit there.It also helps you to know that you did do your best,but your next outfit will be even better! :D

finally. . . .

8.) Have fun!! This is supposed to be fun and competitive at the same time. If you're having fun,it'll show in your outfit,while if your sad, you might end up creating a really sad-looking outfit. You should also help support others and give them some compliments/stuff to work on, on their outfits.

I hope this helped and congratulations to all the finalists. Just as I knew xD,my outfit was a complete fail,but it was fun to make :3 Because I'm really bored,.... Here is my interesting/weird/bad outfit crie:

Comment in the chatbox hat you think? xD

Well that's all for today's post,I'll see you all next week and remember to keep trying even when you fall,try try again!
Bleaty signing out!



Sunday, July 19, 2015

Things To Do When You're Bored On Woozworld!

Hey guys! Mika ova hur! -Waves- x3
I went to the mountains today. We went for a nice walk and saw deer, ducks and beautiful scenes <3 Sorry for being inactive, again :p

So sometimes on Woozworld it's too late to try get in to an event and all of your friends got there - I know it's lonely. Usually, I'd just log off after that and go play or watch YouTube. But there is always something to do on Woozworld, you just need to think about it!

Places to go:

  • Woozen Quests - Meet new friends
  • Colour Game - Win Cool Prizes (or just do it for fun)
  • Theme Game - ... The same as colour game
  • Search "Dance" and join a dance studio
  • Start or visit cheap beex shops.
  • Go speed dating xD
Things to do:

  • Make new friends! - Try Woozen quests or singles parties to find cool peeps
  • Start a school!
  • Start a business! - shop, cafe, fashion business, dance studio
  • Go to "Take a pic" Unitz and be creative!
  • Sort out your inventory - I know I know, but it can look good xD
  • Go join a club or a school
I hope I helped you cure your boredom on Woozworld, if I did, be sure to leave a comment or ask a question in the chat box. We check it everyday!

Bye for now,
- Mika xox

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Video Contest & Zack

Hey guys o3o! Bleaty here.Before I get onto the Video contest,I decided to tell you guys why I'm saying 'Bye'.(NO I'M NOT QUITTING OM).You see,tomorrow I'm leaving for a 1 week overnight camp,so I won't be back until Friday or Saturday. If you have any questions to ask me please message them to me :P. I will be able to see stuff in the chatbox before noon tomorrow. So yea xD

Anywaysss onto the Video Contest part of this post.As you know Jenny had a video contest for us woozens a couple days ago. The theme is what you want to be when you grow up :L. It ends tomorrow so today is your last day to post any videos for the contest. For inspiration you should look at other woozen's videos and/or use these tips:

* Use the job YOU want to be when you're older. Don't pretend to be someone you aren't :L.This also gives other woozens a little something they might not have known about you.

* Make it fun!! If you make the video boring and just talking,no one will really want to watch it.Add some friends in the video, or make a comedy/story behind it :L

* Make it neat.If it isn't neat, everything will be messy,and it will loo like you rushed it.

So those are my small tips for the video contest.It's a bit late to enter but if you're still awake,go for it!

Onto the next topic of this post: The one and only. . . . ZackWooz!!

On woozworld,it seems that Zack has been missing! (-sigh- This means I can't win Truth or Tale anymore and get an add ;c)
It was stated that he was heartbroken from Jenny rejecting him,so he ran off. Now knowing Zack, he tends to cause some . . . trouble. On the following Monday,the Passport Objectivez,Will be open for you guys to complete.

I actually had an idea of where us woozen's could design superhero outfits to save Zack xD It could be Woozworld's Next Superhero,and we all choose an animator to follow. ( Yes this is like Once Upon A Wooz but it would be fun D:)
So yea,that's all for today,I'll see you all next week C:

Bleaty signing out!


Friday, July 17, 2015

WNS Fashion contest & Fashion updates

Hey guys o3o! Bleaty here.So as many of you know,Mya announced a coupe days ago,that there is a new fashion contest :D.But it's a bit more challenging.Anyone participating must create an outfit for the upcoming WNS: Woozworld's.Next.Superstar!

Good luck to everyone entering and I'm just gonna give you guys a few tips

*Use your own imagination!Getting inspired by celebrities is good,but remember to add in a little touch of uniqueness.


*Don't take someone else's work.For the spring contest,some woozen took another woozen's creation,and it actually became the winning outfit.Luckily it was found that it was copied xD.

*Believe in yourself,

Tomorrow I might show my outfit but yea :P.So anyways,onto the next topic of this post: Fashion updates.
If you were a vip and went to the VIP Fashion scoop,you probably saw the upcoming outfits xD.Well if you were there long enough you might of saw that Mya said the first couple were inspired from K-POP And the last one,was from Japan which I think is very cool :0.Also Mya stated that next week there will be some Asian outfits.(ANIME YAS!!!)


Yea so be prepared to see some Asian inspired outfits next week.
That's all for this post,I'll see you guys tomorrow OuO 

Bleaty signing out!


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Inner Emotions contest Winners!

Hey guys omg.It's Bleaty here again :D.I didn't post last week because,my laptop just turned off and wouldn't turn back on.Just Yesterday at 10:00 pm when I got it back,my dad said the fan was used too much and I should put my laptop to sleep after using it.(THIS IS WHY AUTO CLICKER IS BAD KIDS!! DON'T USE AUTO CLICKER OVERNIGHT OKAY!!?!?!)

So yea :D I'm glad to be posting again and about.Today,as you all know,I had a contest.It was yesterday the deadline but I couldn't reach blogger sorry ;_;.So today I'll be telling you guys who won.Now before I say the winners,you all did like WOW.There wasn't ONE Entry that wasn't perfection bye.Teach me your ways senpais D: So just before I start,give your self a thumbs up sign in front of your face cause' we're all winners C;

Thankyou for all the entries,and here.Are.The.Winners!(BTW I have a runner upper cause yea)

Runner upper: Cooly-backup!

Tied for 3rd place: QueenRosie1 and OlayBeauty!         

Tied for 2nd place: Lillinthepretty and Gemzina!

For 1st place: Sierratoocool!                                                                      Most Woozups: Epic-Clover!

Congratulations to our winners AND the participants.I honestly couldn't choose from your fabulous entries.Comment in the chatbox if :Rosie should win 3rd-or Olay win 3rd.And if Lillinthepretty should win 2nd-or Gemzina win second.(Gemzina has the black photo)

Winners please message me for prize information,because I had to change some prizes (the spinning wheel broke -cough- BOB DID IT!)

Thanks again for everyone entering!

Bleaty signing out!


Friday, July 10, 2015


So hey guys! 
It's me Summer
and I thought I would teach you how to make your very own RAINBOW CUPCAKES at home!
It's a very yummy recipe that I did for my birthday cupcakes! (my b-day was July 6th!)

White Cake Mix
Food Coloring

2 sticks of softened butter
3 Cups powdered sugar
3 Tablespoons milk
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
A pinch of salt

2 Mixing bowls
4-6 small bowls (for mixing in food coloring)
Plenty of spoons
Hand mixer or stand mixer
Muffin/Cupcake pan
Cupcake Liners
Icing bag (optional)
Icing tips (optional)
Twist ties or small rubber band (optional)
Decorations (optional)

How to make cupcakes:
1. Prepare cake mix as box says in one of the mixing bowls
2. Divide the batter evenly in the small bowls  according to how many colors you used (I used 4)
3. Prepare cupcake pan by putting liners in (If they are white or very thin, use two)
4. Add food coloring to the different bowls until you get the colors you want
5. Evenly put different colors into the cupcake liners, alternating each color
5. Bake in the oven as directed
6. Cool as directed

Tip: Cool COMPLETELY before icing

How to make icing:
1. Put all ingredients into the mixing bowl
2. Start your hand mixer on low and mix it all together
3. Change to medium and mix
4. Stop mixing when it becomes a whipped creamy texture
5. Taste and if you don't like it, add a little more vanilla or a little more powdered sugar

Tip; Don't add too much powdered sugar or your icing will be powdery, don't add too much milk/ vanilla or it will be too runny

How to ice the cupcakes:

No icing bag: Slather the cupcakes with as much icing as you want :)

Icing bag: 
1. Get bag ready by cutting off 3/4 inch off 
2. Drop whatever icing tip you want in the bag
3. Place it so that 1/2 inch of the tip is out (Cut off as much needed until this happens)
4. Get a tall glass or tall cup
5. Place bag in and roll top down the side of the glass/cup
6. Put icing in
7. Gather up the sides and twist. Then put the twist tie around it
8. Ice the cupcakes in whatever way you like!

Tip: Give yourself a little room when putting the twist tie on the bag, if you don't then the bag will burst!

So that's it for this post! I really hope that you all try this recipe because it was sooooooooooooooo good! It also surprised all of my family as well!

See you next time, Xoxo ~Summer

P.S: I will try and link some pictures of my cupcakes!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

DIY Starbucks Drinks

OI. Mika here!
Sorry for breaking my promise of not posting! I went on holidays... ANYWAYS I'm back now and posting - not woozworld related - for you guys. Better be happy.

MK. For y'all out there who love starbucks - well that's probably everyone - this post is going to be your bae. Because I'm gonna show y'all how to make a VANILLA BEAN FRAP!

It's super simple so there isn't much instructions x3
- You need: Blender, 1 cup milk 1/2tsp vanilla, 1/2tsp cinnamon, 2 scoops of vanilla bean ice cream, whipped cream
-Simply put all the ingredients in the blender and make sure the blender is closed tightly!
-Make sure you don't put too much cinnamon in to the blender!
-Top it off with some whipped cream and enjoy!

Sorry for the short post! I just wanted to try something a tiny bit different for you guys since I haven't been the most active on the blog lately.

That's all for now but check Woozapalooza daily for more!
-Mika xox

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hi '-' -Quick Post-

Hey guys! It's me Celia! So I know that I haven't posted in FOREVER... But, all I will really be posting about from now on is stuff non-relating to Woozworld, and maybe the occasional Woozworld post.
Since I basically quit Woozworld, I have had a lot more time to focus on my art and Youtube channel, meaning more videos!

Today I just wanted to say I am making a new tab on this blog that will feature my art so that I can show it to you guys without having to make random posts. Whenever there is a new picture, I will alert you in the chat box or the end of a post...
Anyways, that is all for today....
Bye ;)
Make sure to check out the new tab ;D