Saturday, July 25, 2015

Woozworld Fashion Contest TIPS!

Hey guys o3o. Bleaty here. Normally I would talk about News on Woozworld,but there really isn't anything new happening so I decided to give you guys some tips,on how to be successful in Mya's fashion contests!

1.) Be unique! Everyone knows an original is better than a copy. I'm not saying you can't be inspired by others,but just remember to always add your own little to your design :)

2.) DO.NOT.STEAL.OTHER.PEOPLE'S.WORK. Okay this has to be the 2nd time this has happened. Apparently,a finalist stole some of Penny's design. Doing this will ruin your chances of becoming a finalist again,and ruins friendships on woozworld sometimes.

3.) Add the right amount of detail. It's like the saying: If you put little salt on your food,it doesn't taste that great,if you put too much salt on your food,it ruins the whole thing. Use cool designs on your outfit to make it stand out. If you already put allot of detail on 1 item, maybe put only 1 or 2 things on the next item to even out everything.

4.) Make it neat. It's totally fine if the outfit doesn't look like perfection,but if it's just blobs of paint everywhere,I don't think the outfit will actually show. It's also good the add shading,and outlining to your items.

5.) Follow the theme! Don't make a spring-type of outfit if the theme is winter bye.

6.) Take your time. If you rush your outfit,it will show.You should be taking your time on every detail,to make it look like you really put effort into the outfit. The only time you SHOULD Rush,is when the deadline is like in an hour xD

7.) Be a good sport!! We were created to make mistakes,not be perfect. Everyone does,and will fail at least once. Knowing that you will fail sometimes, is helpful because some people get really mad and just quit there.It also helps you to know that you did do your best,but your next outfit will be even better! :D

finally. . . .

8.) Have fun!! This is supposed to be fun and competitive at the same time. If you're having fun,it'll show in your outfit,while if your sad, you might end up creating a really sad-looking outfit. You should also help support others and give them some compliments/stuff to work on, on their outfits.

I hope this helped and congratulations to all the finalists. Just as I knew xD,my outfit was a complete fail,but it was fun to make :3 Because I'm really bored,.... Here is my interesting/weird/bad outfit crie:

Comment in the chatbox hat you think? xD

Well that's all for today's post,I'll see you all next week and remember to keep trying even when you fall,try try again!
Bleaty signing out!



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