Sunday, July 19, 2015

Things To Do When You're Bored On Woozworld!

Hey guys! Mika ova hur! -Waves- x3
I went to the mountains today. We went for a nice walk and saw deer, ducks and beautiful scenes <3 Sorry for being inactive, again :p

So sometimes on Woozworld it's too late to try get in to an event and all of your friends got there - I know it's lonely. Usually, I'd just log off after that and go play or watch YouTube. But there is always something to do on Woozworld, you just need to think about it!

Places to go:

  • Woozen Quests - Meet new friends
  • Colour Game - Win Cool Prizes (or just do it for fun)
  • Theme Game - ... The same as colour game
  • Search "Dance" and join a dance studio
  • Start or visit cheap beex shops.
  • Go speed dating xD
Things to do:

  • Make new friends! - Try Woozen quests or singles parties to find cool peeps
  • Start a school!
  • Start a business! - shop, cafe, fashion business, dance studio
  • Go to "Take a pic" Unitz and be creative!
  • Sort out your inventory - I know I know, but it can look good xD
  • Go join a club or a school
I hope I helped you cure your boredom on Woozworld, if I did, be sure to leave a comment or ask a question in the chat box. We check it everyday!

Bye for now,
- Mika xox

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