Monday, April 27, 2015


I need a side picture of you for the new header!  It should be something like this:
Make sure you are in the outfit you want and that it is in a white unit. If you don't have one then go to my unitz and click"White Room." Then make an album named "Woozapalooza Pictures" and store it in there. After that, message me and tell me that you took it.  If you don't have your pictures in by Thursday April 30, then you WILL NOT be on this month's header. Thank you!

Btw, people wondering if you will be a blogger, you will know by May 1st!
XoXo Summer

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A WoozGuide.....FIRED?!

So today, I was just being my normal depressed self on WoozWorld when I saw commotion at the WoozGuidez Center.

Apparently, a WoozGuide was.....FIRED for dating a hacker.

I don't know which WoozGuide was fired, but....geez.

Signing off.

(P.S I'm copying this post onto some other blogs because this is major news!)

Monday, April 20, 2015

Woozworld 2015 Prom Choices!

Heyyyyy everyone ;)! Sorry, I am just in a good mood today. Anyways, it is me Celielove37 (Celia), and today I am here to talk about PROM! Yes, that's right, Woozworld's Prom of 2015 is right around the corner! :D

So, the topic of this post are the different choices for this year's prom. Woozworld selected some of our (the woozens) ideas and put them to vote. Now, you can vote for the prom theme in the Central Plaza!
This is the podz that you click to vote!
Overall, I think the themes are great. (No offense, but almost anything would be better than last year's theme... Jello xDDD I just find that theme very funny) Let's take a look at this year's choices!

  • Masquerade "A Starry Night"
  • Red-Carpet "HollyWood Glamour"
  • Fairytale "Midnight in Wonderland"
  • Neon Rave "Tell Me When to Glow"
  • Nautical Elegance "Under the Sea"
I think that Woozworld choice some great themes for this year! Personally, I want an "Under the Sea" or "Midnight in Wonderland" prom. I feel like a masquerade or HollyWood theme is too general, and while a neon themed prom would be cool, not everyone likes bright neon colors.
So, what do you guys think of the theme choices for the Woozworld Prom of 2015? Comment below/in the chat box which theme you voted for! :D
I'll "cya" next time, byeeee!!!
~CelieLove37 (Celia)

Sunday, April 19, 2015


So its Summer and some of you guys might get offended or mad about this post but at this point I don't care. I am mad. Like raging mad. Woozworld says Celia is the owner, Celia makes all the posts, Celia this blah blah. Which isn't fair. Okay so I quit for a while yeah. That doesn't matter. She's not the only owner. I own this blog too and I get no credit ever. Always in the chat box its always about Celia blah blah. Well first off, I created this blog. I came up with the idea, I made the header, and I set up the blog. I asked Celia to join it with me. I'm not saying she's not a good blogger and stuff because she is and I thank her for keeping the blog up, along with the other bloggers as well. All I'm saying is that Woozworld and the fans should also give credit to the other people on this blog. It's not just her running this blog. I am so tired of this. Whenever I come up with a great idea I get no credit whatsoever. And I am seriously tired of it. If you wanted to know why I quit this is one of the bigger reasons.

WoozPaper is Back!

Hey guys! It's me Celielove37 (Celia)... Sorry if I am overwhelming you with posts xD. Today I wanted to talk about the new WoozPaper Volume 152! I am personally very excited that WoozPaper is back, because it contains all of the extra information and fun stuff that isn't included in the Woozworld News. You can even have the chance to be featured in the WoozPaper by entering your article in WoozNews HQ! This unitz is also where it contains the links to the official Woozworld fan sites :)! So, who else is excited about the WoozPaper?
Also, I wanted to say thank you to LilyWooz for giving us a Fansite shoutout in the WoozPaper section for Fansites! :D
Click the picture to zoom in

That is all for today everyone! 
Also, I wanted to say.. Remember to apply in the become a blogger tab, we are looking to hire 1 or 2 new trial bloggers :)!
Bye!!!!!!! :3 
P.S. The theme for this week's SOTW is blue, so wish me luck! :D

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Woozens Choice: The Outfits YOU Wanted!

Hey guys, it's me Celia '-'. Today I wanted to talk about the new Woozens Choice outfits. As you probably already know, Woozens Choice are the outfits we requested to be put back in the Woozworld Store. Some people may think think this is awesome, because they can buy the 'rares' they always wanted, but others may have the same point of view I have. Let me explain...

I think that this is a good idea in general, but if you really think about it, Woozens Choice is basically re-selling the rarest items in Woozworld, which is lowering how much the items are worth. For example, look at the outfits we chose this time:
Stylish Ballerina, Floral Goddess, Relaxed, and Rock On! 
Did you know that the Floral Goddess and Relaxed outfit were both sold in Shopz for 24 hours the week after they came out? Also, the Stylish Ballerina hair used to be the rarest hair in Woozworld for girls, besides Deadmau5. The value of this item quickly went from 500k-1 million all the way down to 50k-100k. The item is no longer what we would call 'rare'. I would say it is considered 'rich', because many woozens now have it. You can find this hair in marketplace for as low as 30k beex. I even saw a colorable one for 9999. Not so rare anymore, huh?

Also, the other 3 outfits weren't even very rare in the first place, honestly. If I were to choose any outfits for the Woozens Choice, I would choose old, non transferable outfits. The floral goddess outfit was a good choice because it is non transferable, that way it can't be sold to tons of woozens. 

So, these are my thoughts on the whole 'Woozens Choice' idea. Sorry if you disagree, but, thanks for reading!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Woozworld Android App Official Lauch Date!

Hey guys! It's me Celia, once again ;) So, I just logged onto Woozworld, and Maxwooz sent me another message! As a thanks for attending the event, Max told me and the other attendee's the official launch date for the Android app! Drum roll please......... The Woozworld App for Android will be released on.......... April 23, 2015! That is only 7 days from now, only one week! So exciting, right? I can't wait to play Woozworld on my phone!

Here is a the message Max sent me:
Click on the image to zoom in :)!

Anyways, I am so excited! I can't wait to explore the app and tell you guys all about it if you don't have access to an Apple or Android product.

That's all for today! I can't wait till April 23!
Also, congratz to the people who guessed correctly on the launch date :)!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Exclusive Android App Fansite/Blog Event, Q&A, and Video!

   Hey everyone, it's me Celia! I just wanted to do a post about the Exclusive Android App Fanstie Event! Many people have been asking questions in pc, and so I decided to tell you guys all about the event and report to you all of the information we gathered :D If you still have more questions, make sure to message CelieLove37 or Nekole on Woozworld. Some of the questions below are from woozens who sent pc's to me, and others are questions asked directly to +ModRoux, the tech team member.
-Q & A-
How did you get your shirt and title? All of the woozens who attended the exclusive event received a special shirt and title to show that we are official fansite owners and that we attended the event.

When will the Woozworld App for Android be released? Spring of 2015. The app is supposed to be released this month, but the official date is a surprise :)!

Where did the idea for an app come from? Many woozens have asked about playing Woozworld on the go, and in the past Woozworld has made apps such as Zombiez and Woozworld Secrets, so why not one where you can play Woozworld everywhere?

Will the Android app be the same as the Apple one, or have more features? Yes, they will be as similar as possible because Woozworld wants to make the experience as similar as possible. 

What new updates will be brought to the app? For now, the app is the same, but more exciting updates are soon to come! 

On the app, the clothing looks different than on the computer. Will this change? The way Woozworld makes the clothing on the app is actually changing very soon, and the way clothing on the app looks is supposedly going to change :).

Will both the apps on Apple and Android get updates? Yes, as said before, an update is soon to come. The new updates added to the app will be tested out on Android first, and then added to Apple.

(Related to the above question) So, the Apple app is more important? No, both apps are equally important. #equalityforwoozworldapps ! (The reason that Android is updated first is because more woozens have Apple and it is a larger partnership)

How is Maxwooz your friend? Maxwooz added everyone at the exclusive Android event.

How many mods and animators were there? There were 3 mods (Tink, Lorenzo, and Roux) and Maxwooz was there. Watch the video below to see! :D

Besides Apple and Android, will the Woozworld app be released anywhere else? For now, no, but in the future that may be a possibility! It may also be available for Windows in the future.

Will WoozIN be available on the app? Yes, of course it will be! :) 

Will there be exclusive items for Android users? Yes, everyone who logs onto the Woozworld app on Android will receive an exclusive gift that you can get no where else! :D

How will be buy items on the Android app? You will have to purchase items through the google play store. This is also where you can download the app.

This is basically all of the information I have gathered from the event, but feel free to ask questions! Below is a video of the event (Taken by Summer because I was late because I was at school). Also, I took a few pictures with the mods! :D Some of these pictures are also taken by Summer :)! Enjoy!

Mod Tink and Lorenzo :)
MaxWooz :)
Mod Tink!

+ModRoux ! 
Me and Tink!
Summer and other fan site owners and members :)

Thanks for reading everyone! Also, thank you for getting this blog to where it is today, we could have never made it without you :)!
xoxo~ CelieLove37 
P.S. The official fansite logo is fab, right? Woozworld did an awesome job on it :)!


Tuesday, April 14, 2015


For Woozapalooza101 for winning the Fansite Contest! :o

I wonder how else I can say this? xD Congratulations, wow.

I wish I could go, but I can't. x3

Can someone take pictures of everything that happens?


Back for a little while + #FashionwithSummer SPRING EDITION!

Hey guys! It's me Summer. As you guys know, I have quit.... But I'm back for a little while because I realize when I'm bored I always find myself on Woozworld.

So, in other topics, today's post is mostly about spring outfits! I'm not a VIP anymore :( but I will be using some old throwback clothing items to create these 3 spring-tastic looks!

First Look:

Hair: Rebecca Haircut
Dress: Striped Dress
Shoes: Flip-Flops
I love this yellow-y springy look because it's just so casual and light!

Second Look:
Hair: Bow by Aeropostale
Dress: Spring Nights Dress
Shoes: Fancy Dance Shoes
First off, this is an AMAZING outfit for any season, but especially for spring!

Third Look:
Hair: Emilous Hair
Top: Floral Goddess Bralet
Bottoms: Rolled-Up Shorts
Shoes: Guy's Tommys
This is one of my most favorite outfits! The white with jewels is PERFECT for spring!

So guys, those were my top 3 spring outfits for 2015! I hope you like them and maybe even try them out, or try out a version of them yourself! If you do, make sure you send them to me via email, ( and YOU can be featured in my next post! 
Until next time,
Summer :)
*No I don't Trade or Sell these items!*

Official Woozworld Fansite!

Hey guys! It is me Celia, back with some VERY exciting news. Remember the Woozworld Fansite contest? Well...... Woozapalooza is one of the 8 blogs that were chosen!  2 members of the blog are allowed  to attend the exclusive Android event tomorrow. I am sorry but I can not invite all of the bloggers. I am proud to announce that I will be inviting Nekole(Summer, the co-owner).
Here is a list of the 8 blogs that won:
-Deadline Rewritten
-Social Wooz
-Woozworld Warriors
-Woozworld Little Secrets
-Woozworld Craze
-Woozworld Burst

Congratz to all the other amazing blogs! Here is a peek at the message Maxwooz sent to us:

Thank you for reading! Each blog gets to ask one question about the Android App, so I will make sure to give you guys all the details tomorrow!

Also, we get some sort of special logo.. So I wonder what it will be!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Store Outfits + Design Contest

Have you all saw Dahlia, Laurel, Snapdragon, and Nightshade?

They are the brand new Floweristas in the WzW Store near you!

Personally, I like Laurel better than Dahlia, because of the top and hair.

Who am I  to judge Snap and Night? '_'

Topic Change: Has anyone joined the Spring Design Contest in here?
I'd like to meet the opponents. :3

How can we wait until April 30 for WoozWorld to unveil spectacular designs? That's the end of the month....

According to Woozens (And Bleaty), MyaWooz commented on some peoples' Wallz complimenting their designs. In the MORNING.

So I call this Morning Hacked Mya.

Stay tuned.....

Friday, April 3, 2015

Woozworld Egg Hunt Unitz Key!

Hey guys! It's me Celia c: I just thought I would give you guys the answer key to all of the Lost Egg Hunt unitz. So here you go! :D

1. Clearing
2. April Fools
3. Max's Game Show
4. Fashion Academy 
5. Happy Easter
6. Yetibux Cafe
7. Jelly Jelly Jelly!
8. Stop Bullying HQ
9. Azurium Garden
10. iDesignz

All of the unitz are in order from 1st to last egg, so it should be pretty easy for you to find them all...
Also, I want to wish all of you a Happy Easter, Passover, or any other holiday that you celebrate this time of year. Thanks for reading!

That's all for today... But before I go...
You can expect a new video on my Youtube channel up soon, but more on that tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy April Fools Day!

Hey guys! I just decided to visit and wish you all a Happy April Fools Day! This year Woozworld decided to celebrate by allowing us to pull pranks on other woozens. Sounds a little fishy, am I right? ;D (Excuse my bad puns). So as you probably noticed, a new Symbz has been added to Shopz and the Woozworld Store... This new Symbz causes other woozens to have a fish on their head. The blue fish is shopz affects one woozen, and the gold fish in the store affects all the woozens in a unitz.
As you can see, I turned this girls hair into a fish xD!

That is honestly I have to say for today (haha that rhymes..)
Byee! ;c