Sunday, April 19, 2015

WoozPaper is Back!

Hey guys! It's me Celielove37 (Celia)... Sorry if I am overwhelming you with posts xD. Today I wanted to talk about the new WoozPaper Volume 152! I am personally very excited that WoozPaper is back, because it contains all of the extra information and fun stuff that isn't included in the Woozworld News. You can even have the chance to be featured in the WoozPaper by entering your article in WoozNews HQ! This unitz is also where it contains the links to the official Woozworld fan sites :)! So, who else is excited about the WoozPaper?
Also, I wanted to say thank you to LilyWooz for giving us a Fansite shoutout in the WoozPaper section for Fansites! :D
Click the picture to zoom in

That is all for today everyone! 
Also, I wanted to say.. Remember to apply in the become a blogger tab, we are looking to hire 1 or 2 new trial bloggers :)!
Bye!!!!!!! :3 
P.S. The theme for this week's SOTW is blue, so wish me luck! :D

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